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Knowledge Management: 5 Of The Best Knowledge Base Examples

We’ve seen a shift in customer expectations in the last decade. Customers now want to solve their problems themselves, and they gravitate towards the companies who enable this by building a knowledge base (KB)…

Reducing travel anxiety using slam technology

The potential of slam technology to improve accessibility and reduce travel anxiety for disabled people is undoubtedly significant…

Conversational AI: 4 Use Cases In Banking

As the world loses it’s head over ChatGPT, now is the time to re-open the discussion around how the banking sector can optimise processes and provide better customer service using conversation AI…

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Insurers need good customer retention rates more than ever. Learn how intelligent customer self-service can help you.

What Is Intelligent Self-Service?

You likely know all about customer self-service, but do you know what Intelligent Self-Service is?

The positive impact of AI for insurance companies

AI and machine learning is helping insurers gain an edge over competitors. Find out about the positive impact.