Do you need a digital solution that an off-the-shelf product just can’t provide? We’ve created everything from bespoke health platforms to autonomous production line systems.

We also create bespoke products to integrate systems that run on disparate technologies.


Whether it’s a global solution or a small WordPress site, we can catapult your brand to the next level. In fact, we’re even a Sitecore Certified Solution Partner for Implementation.


Are you looking to build better customer relationships through an online community?

We’re experts in strategy, implementation, and integration – as well as being the longest standing global partner of Telligent Community.


We have over 20 years experience in developing engagement solutions.

Delivering the best digital experience to your audiences is everything. Whether that’s customers, prospects, partners or employees, businesses today must simplify, modernise and automate their engagement solutions to help drive deeper loyalty, enhance business performance, accelerate processes, and position them above the competition. To find out how your organisation can bring your audience closer, we are offering a thirty-minute complimentary digital consultation with our experts in engagement solutions.


"The combination of their extensive knowledge and their experience with a diverse client base has been invaluable, supporting everything from development on small and
large projects, to consulting on our roadmap and strategy. 4 Roads have been responsive, timely and always willing to go the extra mile, we cannot recommend them enough."

Magnus-Andreas Sølvberg Aase, AFS Intercultural Programs

Online communities


If you are implementing yourself, our strategic advice will set you on the road to long-term success.

Our consultation service will help you:

  • Understand your community
  • Identify the opportunities

We can then offer strategic direction before and during implementation to:

  • Provide a clear community focus
  • Ensure community engagement
  • Safeguard innovation
  • Help promote your community socially
  • Help monetise your community
  • Futureproof your community’s development


Implementation is our core offering. If you’d like us to implement a community solution on your behalf we can take full responsibility for the project.

Alternatively, we’re happy to augment an internal team, offering our experience to enrich your own capabilities as we implement in partnership.

Our implementation process relies on:

  • Agile project methodologies
  • Regular client interaction
  • Driving high-quality results quickly and efficiently
  • Focusing on accelerating time to market
  • Ensuring clients stay within budget


We’ve been Telligent partners since 2004 and Sitecore Certified Solution Partners since 2016, so we know a thing or two about adding community features to Sitecore websites.

If you run – or are about to implement – a Sitecore-powered site, we can help you add forums, blogs, wikis, chat, gamification elements and so much more…

Read more about our work with Telligent and Sitecore

Bespoke solutions


Our expert developers can create a wholly new system to ensure different technology solutions work together intuitively.


Whether you’re starting with a blank sheet of paper, or planning to make use of existing software as you introduce a new application or technology, we have the development knowledge and experience to create new solutions to help transform your business.


We have over 20 years experience in developing engagement solutions.

Delivering the best digital experience to your audiences is everything. Whether that’s customers, prospects, partners or employees, businesses today must simplify, modernise and automate their engagement solutions to help drive deeper loyalty, enhance business performance, accelerate processes, and position them above the competition. To find out how your organisation can bring your audience closer, we are offering a thirty-minute complimentary digital consultation with our experts in engagement solutions.

Software Implementations


As a Sitecore Certified Solution Partner, we’re can create a truly responsive website.  Combining a CMS with analytics and automation features for enhanced engagement and personalisation, will turn your website into a lead generation and optimisation engine.

We can also help you manage the transition to using the Sitecore Experience Platform.

Our overall Sitecore offering includes:

  • Implementation
  • Training
  • Ongoing support


Our design and development experts deliver solutions for both B2B and B2C clients. Here are a few of the ways we create stunning websites:

  • We use NET and PHP solutions
  • We develop on open source platforms – like Umbraco and WordPress
  • We also develop on closed source and bespoke platforms
  • Our coders are experienced with ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript
  • Our sites incorporate SEO, social media, mobile and other tools


We have a wealth of experience in creating e-commerce platforms that really deliver. We can help you with:

  • Conversion rate optimisation
  • User experience design
  • Creating bespoke features
  • Integrating your site with an e-comms solution

Contact us on  0808 189 2044 to discuss your digital requirements.


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Our latest thinking and insights

The Rise of Intelligent Self-Service 

The rise of Intelligent Self-Service: leveraging artificial intelligence (AI), chatbots, knowledge management and more to empower customers to help themselves.

At 4 Roads, we have always helped our customers to form closer relationships with their customers through use of innovative technology. We’ve helped dozens of organisations across the globe revolutionise the way they interact with their customers, enabling them to resolve their enquiry and provide access to invaluable insights.

Since we were formed in 2004, we have witnessed first hand how self-service is becoming the first choice for consumers. After all, in todays digital age, customers want answers now, not tomorrow. That is why, over the past 12 months, we have been extending our services to include Intelligent Self-Service.

Also known as ISS, intelligent self-service solutions encompass several different technologies including chatbots, AI, online communities, knowledge management and more. Intelligent self-service helps customers resolve their enquiry or question in the most cost-effective and efficient manner, within the right context and on the channel of their choice.

During 2018, we have refined our ISS offering and are actively working with forward thinking organisations who are investing in self-service channels and looking to seamlessly integrate them into the user journey. Check out how we created a bespoke self-service platform, featuring artificial intelligence and chatbots for Hitachi Vantara.

Our opinion piece on The Drum, is perfect for more information on what Intelligent Self-Service (ISS) is. The article explains the fundamentals of ISS and how it can be implemented to truly benefit your company. Read the full article here to learn about intelligent self-service.

As premium members of The Drum, 4 Roads are collaborating with them in order to share our expertise with the wider industry by creating insightful and engaging content. Do let us know if there’s a particular topic you’d like us to cover in the comments. 

Also, check out the News and Insights on the 4 Roads blog to see what we’re up too and delve into our previous work here.

Community Building Mistakes

Online Community Building

Online Community Building: How to avoid common mistakes

Successful online community building is a careful and considered process where it’s important to start small, measure and evolve. Too many organisations have a vision of monolithic proportion where they believe they can get thousands of members through the doors on day one who will be there months later.

It’s all too common for mistakes to be made that become costly, both in terms of investment and wasted work hours, that derail the potential and create a member and internal stakeholder apathy toward the community.

Here, we’ll look at some of the things not to do if you want to give your blueprint the best chance of success.

Do Not: Assume everyone gets it

This sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? You’ve already been given the green light to get going so why would you need to ask this question?

Here’s the thing though; for a large number of your organisation, they have never actually been shown what an online community is and what it can do. Often, they’ll assume it’s some form of social media (it isn’t) or a flight of fancy from someone out of their pay grade and disconnect from it.

Too few organisations understand the importance of positioning the online community plan with the entire team. By defining what an online community is, explaining how it will help not only customers or members but the team themselves, and giving some examples of how an online community drives value in real case studies you will generate genuine interest and support from day one.

Take a look at this recent report by The Community Roundtable. It shows how a community can positively impact and add value to your entire organisation.

From the report:

“community programs that fall within the customer service department, for example, provide benefits not only for marketing (91 per cent of the time) and knowledge management (59 per cent of the time) but also for the learning and development function (35 per cent of the time).”

Source: Community Roundtable — State of Community Report 2018

Let people ask as many questions as they want. Take notes on particular concerns and capture challenges they would like to solve. Ensure people leave the room fully understanding what this could be for the organisation, the members, but also for them.

Do Not: Drown in data

We live in an incredible age of data. Tools can show per second feedback on what people are doing in your community and help guide your resources and growth.

There’s a keyword in there: “people”.

Data is terrific at giving us a snapshot of what the masses are doing and that’s important. However, the online community grows and succeeds when this is balanced in capturing the stories of real people doing real things.

When new members are looking to join and current members to stay, how many members you have, or what your average daily posting rate last week was like is less appealing than reading a compelling story that emotionally connects with them.

Likewise, when you’re reporting the success of your community back to the internal stakeholders, being able to pull out incredible user experiences is not only valuable for the community programme but can give other departments, like marketing, real-world stories that no competitor has.

Do Not: Ignore the power of your members

These are the people using your products and services on the shop floor. They can help solve problems, suggest improvement and even help identify opportunities for new products or services for your brand. They are the most powerful focus group you have. However…

Do Not: Make promises that can’t be delivered

It’s tempting to say yes to everyone on everything to make them engage and stick around. This quickly creates an expectation and any attempt to alter this will create a feeling that “the team used to listen and now they don’t care”.

Be fair to them. Ensure they know they feel valued and intrinsic to your brand but be clear that not everything can be done. Members like to be treated fairly and will respond accordingly.

Do Not: Underestimate the value of a community manager

This is not a social media manager. It isn’t someone from Marketing who got pulled in. This is a dedicated and highly respected role that has a very defined skill set. Under-budgeting in this area can easily derail a community project and destroy brand reputation amongst members.

A good community manager understands how to grow a community that lasts and can guide you through the content, moderation, engagement and metric challenges that will come.


When building an online community, what you shouldn’t do is as important as what you should. Helping the internal team understand what a community is, showing the effect it can have for the whole organisation and investing in a community manager will cement the foundations for success.

Likewise, valuing what your members can do and understanding that telling the stories, successes, challenges and experiences of real people can set your community apart from those who drown in data.

For more information on how we build bespoke community platforms for associations and organisations, and to receive your free appraisal, click here.

Showcasing Artificial Intelligence At Hitachi Vantara’s NEXT2018

4 Roads has had an incredible experience working with Hitachi Vantara on some very innovative projects recently.

We have created a bespoke self-service platform, featuring artificial intelligence and chatbots, which was used on their official event stand, at their global sales conference event, ‘Next 2018’ in San Diego.

Next 2018 specialised in the Digital Revolution, providing insights into strategy, business opportunity and technological innovations.

Our bespoke intelligent self-service event solution, developed specifically for Hitachi Vantara gave users complete control over building a virtual rack at the event, on large touchscreens. The platform not only highlighted key features and selling points of Hitachi servers, but allowed delegates to configure products in real-time, initiate a chat conversation with a chatbot and escalate their enquiry, directly to a sales rep at the event if required – a fantastic customer service tool.

One of our Web Developers, Luke Briggs flew to San Diego to provide a helping hand at Next 2018 and documented his experience. Check out the video below for our journey and insight into self-service software with Hitachi Vantara.

4 Roads develops Intelligent Self-Service solutions which helps customers to resolve their enquiry or question in the most cost-effective and efficient manner; using the channel of their choice whether that be online, in-store or at an event. ​It is our goal to revolutionise the way businesses interact with their customers and partners by creating solutions that enable them to resolve their enquiry and provides companies with access to invaluable insights.​

Request your Digital Appraisal and start your journey to delivering the best digital experience to your audiences.

MemberWise Network

4 Roads Named as a Recognised Supplier to The MemberWise Network 

4 Roads are happy to announce that we are now named as a Recognised Supplier to the MemberWise Network after joining the MemberWise Community. 

MemberWise is an innovative network for membership professionals in the UK. The network provides a whole host of useful services to members ranging from access to their monthly newsletter, which provides latest news and views in the sector, to access to their exclusive online community, MemberWiseConnect, the leading online community for the association and membership sector, which enables us to benchmark current activity and participate in industry related discussions.  

We are excited to have become a supplier in the MemberWise Recognised Supplier Programme, which is delivered to the MemberWise Network via the dedicated Supplier DirectoryBeing a Recognised Supplier provides us with visibility to over 20,000 horizon-searching membership organisations/associations and the opportunity to engage with the 5,000+ membership organisation/association members.  

We have already started to make the most of our membership – we had the pleasure to attend the Digital Excellence 2018 Conference, where industry-leading experts offered insights into membership organisations and community engagement. Participating in conferences not only keeps us up to date with industry news and technology advancements etc, but also creates great opportunities to meet others in the digital sector, plus gives 4 Roads a chance to connect with membership organisations directly. James Browne, Client Services Director at 4 Roads reflects on some of the interesting and also alarming findings from the conference which can be found in his blog post.

Being a member of the network provides 4 Roads with a chance to share our content and experiences via the MemberWise blog. The collaborative project provides innovative membership organisation and association-specific articles from membership and association professionals, influencers, thought-leaders and solution providers. It is a great place to pick up handy tips to improve member recruitment, retention, value, engagement and growth – so watch out for our guest blogs coming soon!  

Having a vast amount of experience on community strategy, development and implementation, in the membership organisation industry (such as our more recent work with the British Medical Association and Nordic Semiconductor) we are very excited to begin sharing our own ideas and experiences in this community of professionals and to meeting many other members in the future.  

For more information on how we build bespoke community platforms for associations and organisations, and to receive your free appraisal, click here.

Digital Excellence

The 2018 MemberWise Digital Excellence Conference

This year, as MemberWise Network members, 4 Roads attended Digital Excellence, the digitally-focused membership conference from the MemberWise network.

James Browne, Business Development Director at 4 Roads attended the conference and here he shares his takeaways in this blog post.

4 Roads attended the 2018 MemberWise Digital Excellence Conference 

The Digital Excellence Conference is the UK’s largest membership focused national conference for membership organisations and associations.

During the day multiple sessions were delivered by many different membership and association professionals and experts who covered critical industry topics. Having attended, 4 Roads were able to realise real value from our MemberWise Network membership.

During the Welcome and introduction by Richard Gott, Memberwise Network Chair, the Digital Excellence report was shared.

This report is developed off the back of a survey of 350 managers and directors within the sector and is used to give a helpful insight into the direction the membership and association sector is taking with regards to their digital investments.

It was quite alarming to hear that 25% of organisations are very likely to replace their Customer Relationship Management systems in order to achieve a level of functionality that gets them to a point where this meeting members’ expectations.

This will mainly benefit Microsoft Dynamics partners who hold the largest share of the CRM/AMS sector with a market share of 23%.

What was of particular interest to 4 Roads was the high expectations of website offerings. This year the strongest priority that was identified was an optimised online journey that saves time (88%) followed by an interactive and engaging experience (85%) a high-level of self-service options (80%) and then a personalised experience (78%).

Another interesting area that the report identified was the use of blogs has increased by nearly 20% in the last year and content sharing via social media channels has increased by 12%. What 4 Roads would have been interested to know is how user-generated content effects the overall content and communication mix.

We’re pleased to see that there is likely to be continued adoption of chatbots. What’s clear is personalised experiences is the holy grail for the membership and association sector but it’s not being realised by many organisations yet. At the moment only, a basic level of personalisation is being achieved including name and members grade.

What is clear is that if membership and association sector are going to get personalisation right, they will need a good and effective content management system (CMS). WordPress is the most widely used across the sector (23%) and 4 Roads has direct experience of using it on several projects. Other CMS which 4 Roads have expertise in are Umbraco (8%) and Sitecore (5%).

The next conference is on 2 May 2019, so if you haven’t already, save the date!

You can read more about how we work with membership organisations, plus get your free appraisal or check out our latest case studies.

online community

What Actually Is An Online Community?

What actually is an Online Community?And why most of your colleagues don’t care (right now)

If you did a straw poll in your workplace, social channels or even amongst your family and peers asking what an “online community” was, you’d likely get a mixed bag of answers.

For some, the concept would be familiar, but the best way to define it might be tricky.

For others, the misconception might be that it’s social media under another name.

In yet another group, the term might have been heard of but with no understanding of what it is.

The last group might look at you blankly and have no idea, period.

For any of these groups (and there are others), the online community can be a relatively new concept to varying degrees and presents a knowledge gap challenge you need to fill.

Hooray! We’re “doing Online Community”

In the professional space, it’s not unusual for a company to approve an online community project without a deep understanding of what it is, what it can do and what the goals are.

Perhaps one or two senior stakeholders are on board, a member of the team is tasked with making it happen and some research is done into viable platforms and outlandish goals are set (“We want a million members by next Thursday!”).

Typically, from its very inception, the online community project is treated as a parallel operation to the main company’s “business as usual”.

Because no time has been taken to discuss the online community with the wider team, without realising it, a potential division has been subtly seeded from day one.

Many organisations fail to realise the fundamental value of community is not just an externally facing one to the customers or members, but to the team itself.

The Online Community crossword answer: it goes across not up

Whilst online community as an entity has some legacy, it’s still a fairly recent arrival on the scene as far as many departments and organisations are concerned. Most people are familiar with the traditional company departments such as Legal, Marketing, HR, Operations, Design and so forth. Social Media is one of the most recent additions to that group which people have a good grasp of but what of online community?

The secret of an online community that often gets missed is that it is most effectively used on a horizontal vector. An online community can plug into the heart of your organisation and add value everywhere through knowledge management, relationship building, shared objectives and connecting team members directly to each other and the members. It can solve problems, enhance customer service and drive product innovation if required.

When we misunderstand its value, it runs the danger of becoming a silo that the rest of the organisation lose interest in and the chances of success diminish over time.

The first step is involvement (so few do this effectively)

A colleague and I once gave a client presentation to a large, well-known energy company. Standing in the main training room, we presented to 30+ of the most senior stakeholders from across all departments. They had been invited to come and learn what an online community actually was.

Some of the audience knew what the online community project was about, some had heard but were suspicious that it was time and money well spent, and some were fairly ambivalent to the entire concept.

We started with an explanation of online community and shared some examples of successful communities to get the ball rolling. Initially, the room was quiet. We stopped and invited questions. And that’s when things came to life.

For the people in the room, they didn’t just want to listen to us, they wanted to be heard. They asked some tough questions around ROI and investment and why they should be doing this. Ultimately they were interested in what the online community could do for them personally, their departments and the wider company.

As the discussion moved forward, we were able to identify ways in which value could be gained for every single person who had questions. We were also able to instal the message that without their support, the project could not hope to be the innovative digital change it could be.

The presentation ended on a high and afterwards many of the attendees were enthused to continue discussions about their needs with us directly. They also thanked us for explaining and involving them.


Community Management and online communities aren’t a traditional vertical. Take the time to explain to the whole team what a community is, what it can be, and how it can add value to an entire organisation.

By doing this, you’ll not only drive understanding, but you’ll also gain crucial buy-in and support to enable you to grow your community more effectively and give value across the organisation.


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