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Build a home for your tribe

Control the functionality, the data, the UX... everything

Online communities are an integrated suite of modern community applications such as forums, blogs, wikis, ideation, media galleries, events and calendars, with a fully customisable user interface.

The right community platform software solution is the most effective tool for improving customer engagement, satisfaction, retention, and more. People love to talk to each other about the things that matter to them. And a community makes it easy for members to tell their stories, share their experiences and grow their passions.


It’s time to capitalise on the growing value of community

Enriching your customer experience

Connect the people that matter most, give them the proper resources and unlock the creativity and potential that a group mindset promotes.

A thriving online community can be used as a powerful channel for continuous and meaningful conversation, building loyalty and credibility. It is an invaluable tool for growth, and longevity in an increasingly uncertain world.

The one caveat: You have to fully control the platform.

Benefits Of building a virtual community

Creating a virtual (aka online) community is the most powerful way to establish a strong and mutual connection between yourself and your clients, customers, members or fans. No matter who you are or what you do, there are people out there who want this kind of proximity to your brand – and it all starts with the right community platform software solution.


Laying the proper foundations ensures that your online community will do more than simply exist; it will thrive. We'll guide you towards the solution with the right tools to engage your community fully. No more Slack, Facebook or Discord.


Leverage the knowledge of your community to encourage self-solving problems, circumvent support tickets and create a safe environment in which you can address difficult questions, concerns and any other feedback.


Ongoing interactions between customers will create meaningful relationships that firmly establish the ethos, identity and approach of your brand, and set the tone from the very beginning. The value of brand advocates can't be ignored.


Open, honest and transparent communication between yourself and customers becomes a testament to your integrity and credibility. It gives them a seat at the table, a place to share their thoughts and opinions. Think of it as expert ideation.


In a thriving community, your members are constantly adding pages, navigating around your site and engaging with content. Google is going to notice that and boost your site in the most important way; in search results. New customers arrive via all manner of search queries already solved in your community.


Communities are a gold mine for insights you can use to drive further marketing/sales decisions. You will see what discussions, files, topics, and products your users are interested in. Feed this into your CRM and you can automate and personalise the experience of your brand for every customer.

What We Do

Whether you’re launching a new community, are interested in migrating to a different online community software solution or are looking to improve your existing approach, it’s important that you execute your project to the highest possible standard.

That’s where we come in.

Strategy & Planning

We will support your community from conception to completion, guiding you towards a platform that can accommodate your current and future needs.

UX & design

We will design a platform that is consistent with your existing website, in-line with brand guidelines and built with your customers in mind. User experience for members and admins is critical.


Hit a glass ceiling with your community? Let’s smash through it. We have the innovative ideas, the team and the technology to make anything possible.


We have been building virtual communities for over 15 years. Including complex deployments for global communities. Rest assured, you are in expert hands.

What sets us apart?

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Our process

Be where your customers are.
Give them a space to connect, create and innovate.
Establish yourself as a point of contact.
And watch the results flow in.


Understand the benefits of virtual communities, and allow us to show off our expertise and explain exactly what you can expect from us.


A demo environment, complete with custom branding, will show you the capabilities of an online community software solution, and how it can change your approach to customers, forever.


Ready to get started? Our UX design team will create the framework of your bespoke platform, unique to your business interests and requirements.


We will build your approved community, broken down into individual sprints, so that we can work agilely, responsively and transparently.

Case Studies

Olympus camera


In collaboration with Verint, we made Olympus’ vision come to life. Our team created a thriving digital support and engagement community.

Nordic Semiconductor

A substantial community overhaul, we introduced new features and a new ticketing system. We also oversaw seamless migration, which involved importing all user-information and ticketing details from existing systems.

Let us show you what community can do

Contact us today, and together we can create an engaging experience that surprises and delights your customers.

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