Intelligent Self-Service

We’ve entered a new era in customer experience

Welcome to the era of convenience

Today, customers put a premium on getting a satisfying customer experience. They want to help themselves quickly, easily and with as little fuss as possible. This growing desire for convenience has given rise to a new generation of intelligent self-service channels:

Connect. The. Dots.

Not just tech for the sake of tech

These are all effective tools when used as solo implementations. However, they unlock their potential when they integrate with each other. For Example:

Benefits Of Intelligent Self-Service

By putting the customer in control, you make it easy for them to get what they need, when they need it. It’s an opportunity for brands to build new, connected relationships with their customers – and gain a competitive edge in the process.


Most consumers today are time poor and want a convenient solution, so the aim of the game must be to make things as easy as possible for your customer.


You can use the insights from their interactions to build a picture of what they’re doing, provide solutions, pre-empt concerns and shorten the customer journey.


Be in a position to provide the information quickly and with minimal friction.


Having customers use channels interchangeably and pick up where they left off without having to start over, results in a far superior customer experience. No more silos.

The customer experience arms race

every customer is up for grabs

In an increasingly competitive market, every customer is up for grabs—and great customer experience is a strong differentiator.

Dissatisfied customers rarely give a company a second chance. They hold grudges, spread negative feedback and jump ship without hesitation.

Yet customer service departments are being put under greater pressure to do more with less. Intelligent self-service can relieve much of the burden without sacrificing customer service quality. In fact, it improves it by getting us to our goals quickly and giving customers control.

What We Do

Built around an ethos of empowering clients and their customers, our deep understanding of the digital landscape allows us to leverage and combine established and emerging technology to help brands create seamless customer experiences. It’s vital that brands recognise and embrace new ways of providing services, particularly if they want to ensure longevity with future generations.

That’s where we come in.

Strategy & Planning

We deep dive into the cultural and behavioural habits of your target demographics. We can then offer some clarity on the potential solutions, the key customer service problems they solve and some best-in-class examples.


At 4 Roads, we’ve designed, developed and refined these self-service channels for some of the world’s leading brands, handling new builds and complex integrations. Rest assured, you are in expert hands.


We will design a platform that is consistent with your existing website, in-line with brand guidelines and built with your customers in mind.

Our process

No user experience will ever be perfect for all customers in all situations, but you can give them the option to choose the experience that best suits their needs.


We’ll help you look more holistically at how to meet your customers needs on their terms, and explore which ISS tools can integrate seamlessly within your customer journey.


Demo environments, complete with custom branding, will show you the full capabilities of each software solution, and how it can change your approach to customers, forever.


Our UX design team can create the framework of your bespoke platforms, unique to your customers needs and goals.


We will build your approved intelligent self service solution, broken down into individual sprints, so that we can work agiley, responsively and transparently.

Case Studies


In collaboration with Verint, we made Olympus’ vision come to life. Our team created a thriving digital support and engagement community.

DS Automobiles

A custom chatbot solution used to capture leads and proactively provide the prospective customer with related content about the model that they are interested in test driving.

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