Augmented Reality Development

AR tech is reshaping how people interact with brands

an interactive experience of a real-world environment

Augmented reality apps and experiences are powerful new tools that brands can use to enrich the customer experience, reduce points of friction and add value to key moments within the sales pipeline.

But what is augmented reality? And why is it the future of your business?

Connecting the digital and physical worlds

Enriching your customer experience

It is an interactive digital landscape, providing an additional data layer through glasses, tablets or smartphones. The powerful mechanism enriches the customer experience and stands out in the competitive and fast-paced marketplace.

Augmented reality apps and experiences connect the digital and physical worlds, creating a virtual space that is primed for marketing and sales enablement. Whether you want to bring your products to life, tell your brand’s story or immerse customers in engaging interactions that ultimately lead to informed purchases.

Brands are recognising the massive opportunity the technology presents for enriching customer experiences. It serves as a powerful new mechanism for companies to meet customers’ needs at scale.

Benefits Of AR Experiences

We know first-hand how beneficial AR tech can be. It is reshaping how customers interact with the brands they purchase from, both before and after the point of sale. Phones, tablets and browsers offer accessibility to a mass audience, and so AR has seen rapid adoption.

Powerful Engagement

The ability to create unique, immersive experiences makes this technology an excellent tool for brands wanting to create those moments of powerful engagement. It provides a context that helps them create stronger associations in their mind (i.e. viewing how products look in their home rather than on a shop floor) and gives them a greater sense of ownership, exponentially increasing the likelihood they will make a purchase.

Reducing Friction

AR can help customers overcome a key problem in the sales process; uncertainty. Digital trial runs allow people to visualise products in the exact context they are going to be used (e.g. how furniture fits in your home) before purchasing. Digital sampling is also significantly easier and faster for shoppers to try multiple products, which can lead to more product exploration.

Redefining Showrooms

When products can be configured with a wide range of features and options, it makes them difficult and costly to stock, yet there are no space constraints in immersive environments. This is where AR becomes a valuable sales tool. From lipstick to new cars, buyers can quickly visualise options not physically available to them, spending more time on-site and more time interacting with products.

Creating Convenience

By allowing customers to virtually ‘test drive’ a purchase, you make it convenient for them to decide whether an item is suitable for them and removes a huge purchasing barrier. And because AR is quick, easy and risk-free, they are more likely to explore more of your catalogue, and buy items they wouldn’t have normally considered.

Product education

AR is also an excellent tool for educating customers around the unique benefits of your product, especially for complex concepts or unique business decisions. By leveraging a visual experience, it becomes easier to understand and remember key pieces of information—like how your product prioritises sustainability, for example.

What We Do

Isolated applications of AR have been around for decades, but recently the technology unleashed its potential to become a powerful sales and marketing tool. This shift was due to the rapid accessibility to a mass audience, causing mass adoption much faster than we’ve seen with previous technologies. The majority of people now have an AR enabling device right in their pocket… their smartphone.

Strategy & Planning

To develop the best AR app or experience, tailored to the unique needs of your business, we will implement a thoughtful plan that spans the current and future journey of your customers.

UX & design

Our UX & design team places your customers at the forefront of your business, crafting a user experience that is easy to use, understand and enjoy, using features and functionality customers are familiar with.


With extensive experience in developing AR tech solutions and other immersive digital solutions for leading global brands, you couldn't be in safer or more experienced hands. Check out our case studies for project info.


Data is everything, so we go the extra mile to ensure that your project can do everything that is required of it. This includes integrating with other sales and marketing tools, such as websites, CRMs or analytics platforms.

What sets us apart?

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Our process

Our streamlined process for successful AR projects will help you to create a new, engaging experience, as quickly and simply as possible.


We'll help you understand the possibility of augmented reality apps & experiences, and our established approach to projects.


We can prepare a custom-branded demo, showcasing the unique application of the technology to your business.


Our design team prioritises user experience from the outset. A bespoke framework outlines your proposed augmented reality solution, and the unique features that it provides.


Completing your project in individual sprints means that we can work openly and responsively. It’s an approach that has never failed. No outsourcing.

Case Studies


Hitachi Vantara

Augmented reality and eye-catching visuals enabled us to showcase the client’s portfolio. Granting users the ability to access and interact with in-depth product information allowed them to better understand how the products could meet their specific needs, all the while engaging customers on a more productive and meaningful level.

Philips Healthcare

Our AR solution for Philips Healthcare saw their early concept become a vivid reality, changing the game for health services. Users experience a bespoke AR experience that addresses their specific genetic make-up and history, while promoting the innovative technology, personal insights and the next generation of information dissemination.

Let us demonstrate the power of augmented reality apps & Experiences

Contact us today, and together we can create an immersive experience that surprises and delights your customers.

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