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Olympus is a global leader in precision technology. Olympus digital cameras and optical solutions help capture life’s precious moments.

Passionate about expanding the boundaries of product design and functionality, Olympus empowers consumers and professionals alike with innovative digital cameras, lenses, audio recorders, and binoculars – opening up new possibilities with precision optics and groundbreaking technologies.

support, expand, grow

The Challenge

Despite already being a household name in the world of photography, Olympus had the vision to support, expand, and grow with prospective and existing customers from all across Europe.

They wanted to find a digital solution that would allow them to bring people together to share their love of photography, feel inspired, and get support when needed.

The digital solution couldn’t just be any portal or forum.

It would need to include features that would allow them to build and increase brand loyalty in a controlled and measurable way. It would also need to be built on a robust platform capable of handling thousands of users, integrate seamlessly with existing IT networks and support requirements, and grow with ever evolving consumer and business needs.

Verint Community

The Solution

After extensive research and due diligence, Olympus selected Verint Community.

Verint is a leader in customer engagement solutions and technology. The extensible platform, along with its superior features and its history of innovation and continuous improvement, made Verint Community the premier choice.

Unlike other vendors, a key perk in selecting Verint Community was that engagement and loyalty features and functionality come out-of-the-box.

This enabled Olympus to launch with a strong arsenal of community tools, and helped them avoid larger costs further down the line.

With a clear vision and strategy, Olympus and Verint set off to create MyOlympus, a community where members can share photos, compete in contests and get tips on the latest photography techniques.

Key requirements

The Solution

For MyOlympus to effectively make an impact and drive loyalty, the chosen platform needed to include some key features and considerations, including:

Olympus launched MyOlympus, ultimately achieving its vision of bringing together the people who share a common passion for photography and Olympus products.

MyOlympus now helps them to engage with the brand and with other community members in new and personalised ways. The community also empowers members to discover new ideas, get inspired, participate in challenges, register products, and get self-service support when needed.

Myolympus evolution

The solution

Olympus understood building a thriving community is an ongoing process.

They understood it requires continual observation, improvements and upgrades to satisfy the community members’ evolving needs. After a successful launch, the company wanted to find a long-term partner to help deliver additional services, provide unique member experiences, and drive its community strategy forward.

To ensure maximum functionality, stability, and optimum user experiences while tackling ongoing advancements, Olympus chose 4 Roads to handle the project due to its extensive experience with Verint Community.

4 Roads began by upgrading MyOlympus to the latest version of Verint Community to introduce improvements to user experience, functionality, and bug resolution. This upgrade then opened the door for MyOlympus to begin utilising more advanced Verint Community features.

This was an extremely complex Verint project. It was essential for us that we worked with a highly experienced delivery partner who could take a holistic view of the project. 
We didn’t just need technical expertise, we needed a partner who could also deliver community strategy and advise on content and design. This made 4 Roads the ideal partner for us.
Ana Maria Albert
Community Manager

With the initial upgrade complete, members saw immediate UX improvements, with feedback praising updates like the added transparency on service request status, the ability to download repair reports and more intuitive logging forms.

However, an ambition to provide members with the best customer experiences and increase brand loyalty meant the next evolution of MyOlympus required 4 Roads to develop custom plugins to expand on the core functionality. This is a key benefit of Verint’s Community platform.

With other community platforms on the market, there can be a glass ceiling on what you can achieve. However, this is where Verint Community excels. It’s built for extensibility and allowed Olympus and 4 Roads to create experiences that are as unique as the brand itself. Upgrades included:

How it turned out

The Results

Today, MyOlympus is a truly thriving community, and continues to grow thanks to the extensive nature of Verint Community.

With more than 410,000 members across Europe and 230,000 photos shared, the upgraded MyOlympus community allows Olympus to:

Members in Europe

1 K

monthly page views

1 K

monthly contest submissions


Photos shared in the community

1 K

In collaboration with Verint and 4 Roads, Olympus made its vision come to life, creating one of the most thriving digital support and engagement communities.

MyOlympus continues to be a catalyst for growth, delivering loyalty-building experiences. It has also become a key component in their long-term customer success strategy, helping Olympus continue in its mission of empowering customers and opening up new possibilities for those who share a love of photography.

“Updated design, functionality, and streamlined processes make a big difference to user experience and member retention. We knew this would be challenging, but we were confident that with close collaboration with the 4 Roads team it would be a success.”

Ana Maria Albert
Community Manager

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