Verint Engage 2022: Recap & Summary

That’s a wrap on another successful Verint Engage.

Verint once again did an amazing job of showing how you can unlock customer engagement possibilities barely imagined a few years ago.

4 Roads was delighted to attend and sponsor the 4-day customer engagement conference. We’ve been attending and supporting the event over the years, and it’s always been an influential hub for Verint customers (and non-customers) to come together, share knowledge and gain insights on their platforms of choice.

We had thought leadership, demos, announcements, deep dives, analysis, and more. It’s safe to say there isn’t a better event dedicated to customer engagement.

As the longest-standing community partner, 4 Roads was there to support the 12 community sessions—the most of any Engage.

To also support this push towards community, Chef Jose Andres, founder of World Central Kitchen kicked off the event as the keynote speaker. His powerful message expressing the importance of community in all forms was undeniably moving. We encourage you to go listen to his story.

One of the most important aspects of any platform in ongoing development and improvement, so naturally Verint’s VP Jon Allen kicked off the community sessions by sharing Verint’s plans for the platform in the short and long-term, including new upcoming features; Bulk Content Management, Content Assignment and Reporting, Subscriptions. 

However, outside of the community sessions, Verint Community was also being given the spotlight. 

Verint did an excellent job of showing why it’s important to have all your customer engagement touchpoints seamlessly working in unison, and how doing so will let you harness data to drive insights and action, and give you a clearer picture of how you can elevate customer interactions.

Behind this drive for a connected future, Verint is positioning Community as the heartbeat of their engagement suite. The hub from which your other engagement tools spin off from and where customer journeys start.

Having seen the enthusiasm for community accelerate rapidly over the last five years (and the last two in particular), this is a great way to open eyes to the benefits of the other engagement applications Verint has.


Verint - Products

As a digital partner who delivers projects across a multitude of self-service platforms, we’re incredibly excited to see this next chapter of Verint enfold. We’ll be well positioned to guide our customers towards the solutions that best fit their problems. 

Unfortunately, there is no longer any excuse for continuing to silo customer interactions across multiple platforms/channels. Customers expect and demand a seamless experience, and you can’t skirt around this.

4 Roads, meanwhile, played a big part in the Verint Community sessions, delivering two key sessions: ‘A Deep Dive Into The IET Community’ and ‘Integrations With The Pros’.

Our IET deep dive showed the journey The IET went through from struggling with their previous platform provider, through to selecting Verint and expanding the community with the functionality at their disposal.

As Verint Community is one of the most robust community platforms on the market, there’s naturally a lot of questions and interest in seeing how other brands are using the tools at their disposal. So a huge thank you to The IET and Evanna Gale for joining us and showing other customers and other community managers what’s under the hood. 

Introducing huddles

One of the hallmarks of a great Community Platform is and has always been extensibility. No platform will do everything you need out-the-box, so adding functionality to suit your needs is crucial. 

Thankfully, integrations have always been a strong point for 4 Roads, having delivered functionality that is now part of the core product, as well as numerous complex plugins (all of which we’ve made free in Verint Marketplace).

Amongst the robust list of our integrations we highlighted, it was the demonstration of our new integration, Huddles, which garnered the most excitement. The feedback we’ve had from this has been above and beyond what we expected, as we heard through the grapevine how it was being discussed across the conference. We consider Huddles to be a real game changer across the DFE suit, so we’re delighted it’s been picked up so quickly. 

If you weren’t in that session, Huddles adds video chat and meeting functionality within Verint Community. 

Since the pandemic (and even before that), video functionality for both private chatting and public events has been a top requested feature amongst our clients and partners. So, to showcase this at Verint Engage is incredibly exciting. Despite some technical difficulties and Teams messages from the UK team popping up, the team did a great job of showing it in action. However, as a headless integration, Huddles can be added to any Verint product. Support, events, meetings, peer-to-peer chat are all obvious beneficiaries, but we expect use cases to expand as customers begin to understand the functionality.

community – Key Improvements

The final Community Track session was aptly “Voice of the Verint Community Customer”, a session where customers could openly voice their views and opinions on items and ideas important to them. 

It was clear from the feedback that customers want help in understanding and using the data these solutions provide. We hear you, and we’ll be providing some more guidance on this in the coming weeks. 

Closing Thoughts

Ask anyone who attended and they’ll all tell you the same thing: you need to be thinking about how seamlessly providing your customers with the right experience at the right moment on their channel of choice is the future of customer engagement #BetterTogether


See you in 2023 in Las Vegas!