Verint Engage 2022: Recap & Summary

That’s a wrap on another successful Verint Engage.  


Verint once again did an amazing job of showing how you can unlock customer engagement possibilities barely imagined a few years ago.  

One giant takeaway from the keynote is how important it is to have all your customer engagement touch points seamlessly working in unison, and how doing so will let you harness data to drive insights and action. With this clearer picture you can elevate customer interactions.


Behind this drive for a connected future, Verint is positioning Community as the heartbeat of their engagement suite. The hub from which your other engagement tools spin off from and where customer journeys start.


Having seen the enthusiasm for community accelerate rapidly over the last five years (and the last two in particular), this is a great way to open eyes to the benefits of the other engagement applications Verint has.

Verint - Products

And it was great to see this drive supported by 12 community breakout tracks, the most behind Digital First Engagement itself. 4 Roads played a big part in this, delivering two key sessions: ‘A Deep Dive Into The IET Community’ and ‘Integrations With The Pros’.


Our IET deep dive showed the journey The IET went through from struggling with their previous platform provider, through to selecting Verint and expanding the community with the functionality at their disposal. Huge thank you to The IET and Evanna Gale for joining us and showing other customers and other community managers weighing up Verint what’s under the hood.

Introducing huddles

Amongst the robust list of our integrations we highlighted, it was our demonstration of our new integration, Huddles, which garnered the most excitement. If you weren’t in that session, Huddles adds video chat and meeting functionality within Verint Community. Soon to be added to Verint Connect (also built by 4 Roads, JFYI).


Since the pandemic (and even before that), video functionality for both private chatting and public events has been a top requested feature amongst our clients and partners. So, to showcase this to Verint Engage is incredibly exciting. Despite some technical difficulties and Teams messages from the UK team popping up, the team did a great job of showing it in action.

Key Improvements

For the community customers, it was clear from the Future Improvements feedback that customers want help in understanding and using the data these solutions provide. We hear you, and we’ll be providing some more guidance on this in the coming weeks.

Ending With the mouse

To close off a week with lots to take in, Verint hired out half of Disney World as a thank you to attendees, sponsors and speakers. The perfect way to decompress and leave guests with great memories.

Closing Thoughts

Ask anyone who attended and they’ll all tell you the same thing: you need to be thinking about seamlessly providing your customers with the right experience at the right moment on their channel of choice is the future of customer engagement #BetterTogether


See you in 2023 in Las Vegas!