Aston Martin Lagonda

Aston Martin Lagonda selects 4 Roads as their trusted digital development partner.

The Camera On The Line project is a world’s first in the automotive industry. This involved DSLR cameras being installed at various locations on the production line, where they would automatically capture a storyboard of the cars build phase. The images are then compiled and presented to new owners as part of a ‘Birth Certificate’.

By adding image recognition (AI), 4 Roads was also able to automate the process of selecting which images to keep and which to discard, drastically reducing the timeline and workload.

Prior to AML’s IPO, they also needed to automate task allocation, a process historically managed in spreadsheets. Unable to find a suitable off-the-shelf solution, 4 Roads developed a platform that takes criteria (health restrictions, skillset) and assigns individuals to the most suitable task. This has improved not only employee productivity but also employee wellbeing.

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