4 Roads Helps Develop ‘Call 4 Help’ App To Help NHS Staff

Over the last few weeks, 4-Roads, Kulestar, Concept Softworks, and CK Alpha have dropped all paid work to join as a team of developers in creating an app that aims to save lives and valuable PPE within our NHS hospitals.

Huge credit goes to our fantastic dev team who quickly picked up this project and worked around the clock to get it completed in an incredibly tight timeframe.

Despite social distancing keeping us apart, we’ve been able to come together to do what we can to help protect the people who protect us.

The app is designed to help hospitals get teams to the right parts of hospitals, ensuring the quick delivery of ventilators, masks and medication. It also lets doctors and nurses share video and audio, making sharing and requesting information simple.

The ‘Call 4 Help’ app is being rolled out at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital, with a view to rolling out to all NHS hospitals nationwide and to hospitals around the world.