4 Great Examples of Online Communities That Drive Brand Engagement

Building an active and engaged online community centered around your brand is a powerful way to connect with your customers and foster meaningful interactions. In this article, we’ll explore four great examples of online communities that have nailed their community offering.

By examining the strategies employed by Sephora, Bodybuilding.com, Monzo, and Harley Owners Group, we’ll uncover what makes each community special and discover the real value they provide to their users.

You will see that they are all unique, offering their customers different reasons to participate and engage. There is no niche too small to build a community around, create the right environment and just like in ‘Field of Dreams’ – the people will come!

Sephora’s Beauty Enthusiasts Unite

Sephora, a global leader in the beauty and cosmetics industry, has made remarkable strides in optimising the online and offline experiences for its customers. Their Sephora Community, launched in 2017, serves as a vibrant hub where beauty enthusiasts can connect, seek inspiration from real people, and engage with trusted experts.

Within this community, members can freely discuss all things related to beauty, regardless of whether the product recommendations align with Sephora’s offerings. One particularly notable feature is the Sephora Gallery, where members showcase their looks using Sephora products.

The photos uploaded can be easily tagged to show which Sephora products were used to create that look. If it is a look, the journey toward purchasing the look for yourself is simple. This not only fosters brand ambassadors but also facilitates seamless purchasing journeys for users seeking to replicate their favourite looks.

Sephora’s community strategy has paid off, as it has created an environment where customers can meet one another and discuss their beauty-related needs and experiences, contributing to a deep understanding of individual needs and preferences.

Bodybuilding.com’s Fitness Enthusiast Network

With over 30 million monthly visitors, Bodybuilding.com stands as a premier resource for fitness enthusiasts worldwide. If you’ve ever looked up how to do an exercise, chances are you have seen something written on bodybuilding.com.

While the platform primarily serves as an online retailer of fitness products, its community has been designed to connect any person at any stage of their fitness journey with others.

By gamifying user submissions and encouraging discussions, Bodybuilding.com’s forum has become a go-to destination for fitness conversations, advice, and inquiries. This active and engaged community not only keeps users motivated and connected but also allows Bodybuilding.com to stay ahead of evolving fitness trends and tailor their product offerings accordingly. The forum serves as a valuable source of information and feedback for the company, helping them refine their offerings and identify emerging needs in the fitness industry.

By building a community that caters to individuals at any stage of their fitness journey, Bodybuilding.com has created a platform that connects fitness enthusiasts from all over the world, fostering a sense of belonging and support.

While the platform primarily serves as an online retailer of fitness products, its community has been designed to connect any person at any stage of their fitness journey with others.

Monzo’s Collaborative Banking Community

Monzo, the rapidly growing digital challenger bank in the UK, has harnessed the power of community to revolutionise the banking experience. In the face of public scrutiny and eroding trust in traditional banks, Monzo has taken a different approach.

Their Monzo Community places users at the heart of the company, fostering a feedback loop between developers and customers. By actively involving users in the decision-making process and incorporating their ideas, Monzo builds transparency and trust, differentiating itself from its competitors.

The Monzo Community serves as a platform for users to troubleshoot problems or share their thoughts, ideas, and suggestions, helping Monzo understand how they can build the best bank of the future.

This collaborative approach not only creates a sense of ownership among users but also leads to continuous testing and development of new ideas, ensuring that Monzo delivers products and features that align with their customer’s needs and preferences.

Harley Owners Group’s Exclusive Rider Community

Harley Owners Group (H.O.G.), an integral part of Harley-Davidson’s success, has established a global brand community built around the shared culture of owning a Harley motorbike.

H.O.G. has created an exclusive space where Harley owners feel a sense of loyalty, belonging, and engagement with fellow riders. That’s because to be a member of the community, you must be an owner.

Through regular meet-ups, rides, and customer-driven forums, H.O.G. not only strengthens the bond between riders but also leverages their insights and ideas to shape the brand’s direction and resolve any vehicle-related issues.

The community serves as a platform for brand promotion, as well as a source of valuable information for Harley-Davidson. By actively listening to the ideas and concerns of its loyal customers, Harley-Davidson demonstrates its commitment to providing a superior riding experience and fosters a strong sense of community among its customer base.

In the long-term…

These four remarkable online community examples illustrate the power of fostering meaningful relationships with customers and offering genuine value.

From Sephora’s beauty enthusiasts, Bodybuilding.com’s fitness enthusiasts, Monzo’s collaborative banking users, and Harley Owners Group’s dedicated riders, these communities provide great business returns, from brand evangelism and loyalty to feedback, information and new ideas.

In the long-term, the brands that help us forge meaningful relationships with each other and with their products are going to be best positioned to win the loyalty and trust of customers.

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