St Modwen - Enhancing Community Engagement


Project Overview and Key Insights

In 2016, 4 Roads conducted a requirements gathering session with St Modwen to identify key user groups that would benefit from an online community. The session prioritised these groups for a Proof of Concept (PoC) aimed at demonstrating the viability and value of an online community, focusing on specific user groups to show immediate benefits.

Crafting a Strategic PoC: 4 Roads' Innovative Approach for St Modwen

4 Roads was thrilled to present St Modwen with a comprehensive approach to a PoC following our workshop. Our goal was to outline our findings, classify potential community members, and propose strategies to meet identified challenges through an online community.

Diverse Community User Groups Identified

The workshop revealed a diverse range of potential community users, including tourists, retailers, commuters, event attendees, hotel guests, electric car users, business community members, over 55s, expectant mothers, artists, residents, and college students. Each group had unique needs and purposes for engaging with an online space.

Key Goals of the Proof of Concept

The PoC aimed to address two main challenges:

  1. Streamlining Event Organisation:
    Enabling artists to organise events directly with retailers, reducing the need for St Modwen’s direct involvement.

  2. Differentiating Longbridge as a Destination:
    Creating a “Virtual Town Centre” to attract visitors and foster organic marketing.

Metrics for Success

To measure success, the following KPIs were recommended:

  • User Generated Content:
    At least 3 pieces of content produced by users per day.

  • Reduction in Events Overhead:
    An increased number of town centre activities without increasing St Modwen’s involvement.

  • Increase in Events Footfall:
    Measuring the increase in footfall year-over-year for key events like the Lightshow.

  • Encourage User Participation:
    Benchmarking the number of users from Facebook and aiming to exceed 1700 likes.

Strategic Focus on Artist Engagement to Drive Community Interaction

Our approach centred on the needs and motivations of the artists, driving their engagement to foster loyalty and attract other user types. By focusing on artists initially, we expected to see increased interaction and participation across the community.

Essential Tools for Cost-Effective Trial Implementation

To minimise initial costs, we proposed using the free edition of Telligent software, which provided essential functionalities for the PoC phase. We handled community management to ensure adoption and engagement.

Driving Engagement and Loyalty: Establishing a Thriving Community

The online community offered significant benefits, such as generating word-of-mouth, empowering customers, and providing valuable insights. The PoC phase aimed to prove these benefits and establish a thriving, self-sustaining community for Longbridge Birmingham. 4 Roads was confident that this project would foster meaningful relationships and continuous engagement, driving loyalty and positive brand associations for St Modwen.

Building Success: A Reflection on Our Project with St Modwen

Reflecting on the 2016 project, it is clear that our collaboration with St Modwen laid the groundwork for a successful and engaged online community. By addressing key challenges and focusing on specific user groups, we demonstrated the immense potential of digital community spaces in fostering engagement and loyalty. This initiative not only enhanced community interaction but also set a precedent for future digital community projects.

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