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About Bradley Dyer


Bradley Dyer is a creative experiential agency renowned for using creativity to unlock engagement opportunities throughout the consumer journey.

They combine their creative ideas with research, expertise, and knowledge to deliver effective, inspiring, and highly engaging solutions that cater to the unique needs of each client.

From designing brand identities to creating communication strategies, the agency brings a fresh and progressive approach to each project, making them a reliable partner for brands like Disney, Berkeley Group and Pearson.

in-house development

The Challenge

As an experiential agency, global brands utilise their creativity to plan extravagant campaigns and unique solutions. However, like many experiential agencies, Bradley Dyer doesn’t have a technical arm to build their digital solutions in-house.

Bradley Dyer, therefore, needed to find a reliable development partner who could help bring their creative ideas to life, quickly and agilely. In essence, they needed end-to-end support, from concept to delivery.

Technical Partnership

The Solution

As a reliable technical partner with vast experience in building innovative digital solutions, 4 Roads partnered with Bradley Dyer on several exciting projects, ranging from a Britain’s Got Talent style voting experience for a popular children’s cartoon, to a live event solution where guests can have their birthday messages added to a display wall.

As a technical partner, we offer Bradley Dyer a dedicated resource to consult with during the initial concept phase. Our role is to provide expert insights into the feasibility of their ideas, outline the necessary tools and platforms, and provide a cost estimate for the project. This allows Bradley Dyer to approach their clients with a clear and comprehensive understanding of the project scope and budget, ensuring that the end campaign is not only visually appealing and conceptually strong, but also technically sound and functional.

Our partnership then gives Bradley Dyer access to our large development team to bring their extravagant and unique ideas to life. 

As a trusted development partner for some of the world’s most recognisable brands, 4 Roads excels at providing end-to-end development support, from initial concept to final execution. The partnership ensures Bradley Dyer has a reliable partner to guide them through the entire process and provide development expertise at every step.

This also means Bradley Dyer can focus on generating creative ideas and leave the technical implementation to a trusted development partner.

Our latest joint project generated over 150 pieces of press coverage and tens of millions of views on social media.

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