4 Roads is a provider of Social Business solutions. We focus on optimising a company’s online presence through growing and thriving communities and provide online community strategy and implementation services.

  • Ice Bucket Challenge Phenomenon

    When things go viral on the internet we can always learn something new. A number of things have been demonstrated by the Ice Bucket Challenge (IBC) that I would like to explore in this blog post. Video is by far the best mechanism . If you...
  • Smile! New Plugins for Zimbra Community

    4 Roads have been Zimbra partners since the product was first launched as Community Server version 1, and have always been committed to providing professional services for Zimbra Community customers. This year, 4 Roads have developed a number of new...
  • Social Media and Community – ‘Rules of Thumb’

    Every business, whatever the sector, and whether commercial or not-for-profit, needs to be noticed and needs to attract customers (or in the charity sector, donors). For the past few years social media marketing has been the way-to-go, enhancing or...
  • Page Load Speeds and Your Online Community

    There is no denying - the way the Internet is presented is constantly changing. In today’s hyper-connected world, web pages are much richer and contain more functionality, which results in increased amounts of page data and external resources to...
  • Improving SEO using Microdata and the Semantic Web

    A few weeks back I wrote a blog post about increasing the performance of Zimbra Community using the .NET 4 bundling features. In that project, we used a number of tools but at the core of the solution was the CsQuery library which allowed us to...
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4 Roads paired with their multiple Telligent Community plug-ins most notably Nexus have brought Bragstr from a complex idea on paper to a digital reality. Nexus allows our site to have the virality we believe our site can have in today's age of social media sharing and integration.

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