4 Roads are a team of specialist web developers and social business strategists. We optimise a company’s online presence through a focus on customer experience - whether building online communities for customer engagement, crafting unique websites with real-time personalisation or providing online community strategy services.

  • Sitecore User Group Recap

    Following the success of the first Sitecore user group within the Midlands, back in September 2016, 4 Roads hosted another fantastic Sitecore user group at Malmaison Birmingham. With an increase in attendees from the last and with people attending from...
  • Event: Future Proof Your Digital Strategy

    Following the success of the first ever Sitecore User Group in the Midlands in September last year, we are very happy to announce that we will be hosting another Sitecore user group in March 2017. Back within Birmingham city centre, we have chosen...
  • The Benefits of Online Social Communities over Other Forms of Social Networks

    If I asked whether your business was active on social media, you’d probably answer quite quickly with a “yes!” If I asked whether you were seeing the results expected from your investment, I am not too convinced you’d confidently...
  • 5 Basics For Customer Community Success

    A customer community is the perfect platform for organisations to build real and meaningful relationships with not only customers but prospects too. It is these relationships, which foster engagement, loyalty and lead someone from curiosity to advocacy...
  • Winning Tips For An Engaged Community

    Building an engaged community that is sustainable, profitable and with purpose takes a lot of different elements to make happen. You simply need to consult those who have grown successful social communities and will be inundated with tips and ideas. However...
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4 Roads paired with their multiple Telligent Community plug-ins most notably Nexus have brought Bragstr from a complex idea on paper to a digital reality. Nexus allows our site to have the virality we believe our site can have in today's age of social media sharing and integration.

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