4 Roads are a team of specialist web developers and social business strategists. We optimise a company’s online presence through a focus on customer experience - whether building online communities for customer engagement, crafting unique websites with real-time personalisation or providing online community strategy services.

  • Event: The Secrets To Delivering A First Class Customer Experience

    We are very excited to announce that this summer, we will be hosting a Sitecore user group at a brand new location within Birmingham Cite Centre. This new more central location with in the UK will join the already well-attended and hugely valuable...
  • Building Your Sitecore Experience Marketing Strategy

    Today’s consumers are demanding more from their digital experiences online. As discussed in a past post, “fundamentally, a brand is a grand total of every experience, however big or small they have with you and today’s customer expects...
  • SMiLE London And Be Appy, We Are A Silver Sponsor!

    4 Roads are excited to announce that after a successful event in March, we shall be attending the next SMiLE London, on Monday 9th November, as a Silver Sponsor. The team shall be available to speak to on stand 18, which is directly in front of the...
  • 3 Things You Must Consider When Choosing An ESN

    This week I came across a blog post from Kinship enterprise on 9 key features they have identified for any enterprise social network. In brief, they highlight the importance of 9 rather good features of an enterprise social network platform, such as...
  • Growth Hacking... The Future Of Marketing?

    Traditional marketing, or interruption marketing is so last season. We are exposed to thousands of messages every day and we have unsurprisingly become desensitised to them. I love the example that if you are driving in your car and see a billboard...
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4 Roads plugin extensions for Telligent Community offer major enhancements for both community members and managers. For community members, the ability to go straight to the last unread forum post significantly improves the user experience. Plus there’s an enhanced text editor and better emoticon support. For managers, the ability to maintain and prune membership with the new user encouragement plugin is a ‘must have’.

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