A website should never be static and routine audits and checks are essential. A website audit should be considered a staple part of your digital strategy.


This website audit provides a detailed website analysis across many website data points such as design and branding, mobile, video usage, USP’s, reviews, call to actions (CTA’s), social media, page content, keywords, page speeds and more. We will provide clear and actionable recommendations for steps you can take to improve your online presence.

A website audit is an essential measure to evaluate the effectiveness and performance of a website and it presents a business with an exceptional opportunity for growth online.

By thoroughly evaluating every aspect of your site, you can keep your website up-to-date with the latest developments in digital marketing and on top of the competition, plus:

  • Improve your website’s ranking in search results
  • Attract more website visitors
  • Convert more website visitors into paying customers
  • Enhance user experience and usability
  • And so much more

We will then summarise and make extensive recommendations to help your website look better, rank better and most importantly convert more visitors into customers.

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The ROI of Increased Audience Engagement

How Engaged Customers Raise Revenue

Audience or customer engagement is one of those terms that seems to get bandied around everywhere at the moment. Engaged customers, organisations think, will result in a better return on investment. Tell Marketing to sort it out and we’ll reap the benefits!

The pure truth is audience engagement IS essential to any digital strategy; the inconvenient truth is that it takes more than a memo to one team to deliver it successfully. To have a meaningfully positive business impact, engagement should be implemented and measured across your entire company.

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AR/AI Interactive Digital Display sees 4 Roads shortlisted for a BIMA award

The team here at 4 Roads are pleased to announce we have been shortlisted for an award by BIMA in the Technology Above £70k category for our work with Hitachi Vantara on the development of an AR/AI Interactive Digital Display.

Hitachi Vantara is part of the Hitachi Group, the 38th biggest business in the world. Every year, Hitachi Vantara runs a conference where it demonstrates to customers and partners what the next 12 months will hold.

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4 Roads Intelligent Self Service

Telligent Community is now available on the UK Government’s G-Cloud 11 public-sector procurement platform only with 4 Roads

4 Roads Ltd, an industry-leading provider of intelligent self-service solutions, recently announced it is approved under the G-Cloud 11 Framework to deliver cloud software and support services. This is breaking new ground for 4 Roads Ltd as it continues its growth into new sectors, emphasising the company’s commitment to bringing smarter solutions to enable citizens to help themselves more easily – and at a lower cost to government and its agencies.

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The ROI of Better Community Management

How to Capture the Real Value You’re Missing

Return. On. Investment.

Three simple words that are often the cause of a huge amount of confusion and angst when it comes to measuring the value of a community. When an organisation has invested a good chunk of the budget in a platform, recruited a community manager or team, trained the team and resourced for some ongoing design and development time it’s important to understand what that investment means and why it is worthwhile to the business.

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The Incredible Power of Search for Online Communities

Why Your User-Generated Content is an SEO Goldmine

Online communities have rapidly positioned themselves as one of the most powerful ways you can build a trusted brand, provide leading customer service and lower costs engaging with your audience.

However, in an age when original content is king and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is hard fought and hard won, online communities provide a plethora of ways to enhance traditional channels and step ahead of your competition. Let’s look at some examples.

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The Cost of Managing the Customer Experience

Understanding The Costs of an End-to-End Journey

Let’s start with a question. Would you like to be known for having a best-in-class customer service experience?

For any organisation worth their salt, the answer will be a resounding yes. This is usually followed by “that’s all well and good, but will it be expensive to implement?”. That’s an important question to ask when any significant shift to a new system, process or innovative approach usually comes with a sunken cost.

But what is the hidden cost of continuing with an archaic, underperforming customer service experience that continues to miss opportunities across the entire customer experience journey to delight audiences and build brand loyalty?

More importantly, do you know how much these costs are?

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