This means you can benefit from a complete social suite with features such as:

· Forums
· Blogs
· Wikis

· Chat
· Gamification
· And more…


This is a suite of products created by Sitecore to aid integrations with third-party systems and applications. Telligent is one of the third-party systems with which Sitecore connects.


The Telligent Community platform delivers market-leading community solutions for social marketing, customer service and employee engagement use cases.

Telligent is a powerful platform that allows you to deliver incredible user experiences.

Other key Telligent benefits:

· Like Sitecore, it’s built on the Microsoft.NET platform
· The solution is developer friendly
· It has numerous open source integrations available on GitHub


We’re recognised globally as the most experienced Telligent partner. In fact, we have been a Telligent partner since our inception in 2004. Here are other key reasons for working with us:

· We’re Sitecore Certified Solution Partners
· We have certified Sitecore web developers and marketers working in-house
· We specialise in developing tightly integrated social products

We have also been responsible for some of the largest community deployments across the globe and have created communities consisting of millions of members.

· We’ve developed numerous free social plugins for Telligent, available in GitHub
· We support Telligent themselves with projects

Not only are we community development experts, we’re also able to work in a flexible way to suit your approach. So, we can work:

· Independently to develop your Sitecore integrated community
· In direct co-operation with client’s in-house team or with multiple third-party agencies/suppliers
· As consultants advising on developments delivered by client teams or agents

Our Telligent experience in facts and figures



Sitecore user group

Sitecore Certified Solution Partners

4 Roads are Sitecore Certified Solution Partners with in-house certified Sitecore web developers and marketers.

Telligent Logo

Telligent Certified Partners and Guest Bloggers

4 Roads have been Telligent partners since its conception in 2004, and are recognised globally as the most experienced Telligent Community partner.

"4 Roads have been one of our strongest partners in the UK since our founding in 2004, and their technical expertise makes them a sensible choice for implementation work."

Jon Allen, Telligent Community

Get started for free

We’re offering firms using Sitecore an opportunity to add an online branded community for free.

The offer includes a half-day consultancy at your office (or remotely, if you prefer?) where we will:

· Implement the free version of the Telligent Community for your business
· Help you evaluate the Telligent platform
· Help you experience how Telligent integrates with your Sitecore system

If you’d like to take up our free offer, please contact us using the details below or leave your email and/or phone number in the box so we can get in touch with you.

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Robert Nash is owner and CEO at 4 Roads, and with more than 20 years of experience in developing community solutions, he would be happy to talk you through the process of integrating Telligent into your web solution.


AR/AI Interactive Digital Display sees 4 Roads shortlisted for a BIMA award

BIMA Shortlist 2019The team here at 4 Roads are pleased to announce we have been shortlisted for an award by BIMA in the Technology Above £70k category for our work with Hitachi Vantara on the development of an AR/AI Interactive Digital Display.

Hitachi Vantara is part of the Hitachi Group, the 38th biggest business in the world. Every year, Hitachi Vantara runs a conference where it demonstrates to customers and partners what the next 12 months will hold.

Ordinarily, Hitachi Vantara would ship and physically erect hardware racks to demonstrate its new solutions and their possible configurations at the conference. However, it wanted a new way to showcase its entire portfolio that would surprise and delight delegates.

To achieve its aim, Hitachi Vantara needed a partner that could deliver a cutting-edge digital experience that would bring its project range to life in a new and exciting way.

Speaking as the shortlist was announced, 4 Roads Director Rob Nash said:

“I’m delighted 4 Roads has been shortlisted for a prestigious BIMA award as we continue our journey to become the UK’s best intelligent self-service agency.”

The digital experience 4 Roads created was an exhibition stand that incorporated stunning 3D visuals and artificial intelligence to allow delegates to interact with how a hardware rack solution would look once it’s created and in situ.

By moving beyond a static demo model to a digital experience, customers and prospects of Hitachi Vantara could configure then visualise a racking solution customised to their exact requirements in much the same way as an automobile customer might configure the spec for their new car on a manufacturer’s website.

Displaying the experience on the conference floor as a six-foot ‘totem’ touch screen display, Hitachi Vantara could engage delegates by letting them create their ideal solution configuration from its product range.

The exhibit provided delegates with a complete understanding of how a solution would look and work. It also enabled delegates with an intuitive chatbot function that used artificial intelligence to answer basic questions about the product range, escalate complex queries to a sales representative, and book face-to-face appointments.

Once a unique configuration had been created, the experience allowed delegates to store and send their unique solution specifications on their smartphone.

4 Roads supported the Hitachi event teams on-site during the event, not only to showcase how the solution worked to delegates and demonstrate capability, but to also drive traffic to the virtual rack on the stand.

The BIMA Awards are taking place on Wednesday 18 September at IET London, Savoy Place.

4 Roads Intelligent Self Service

Telligent Community is now available on the UK Government’s G-Cloud 11 public-sector procurement platform only with 4 Roads

4 Roads Ltd, an industry-leading provider of intelligent self-service solutions, recently announced it is approved under the G-Cloud 11 Framework to deliver cloud software and support services. This is breaking new ground for 4 Roads Ltd as it continues its growth into new sectors, emphasising the company’s commitment to bringing smarter solutions to enable citizens to help themselves more easily – and at a lower cost to government and its agencies.

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The ROI of Better Community Management

How to Capture the Real Value You’re Missing

Return. On. Investment.

Three simple words that are often the cause of a huge amount of confusion and angst when it comes to measuring the value of a community. When an organisation has invested a good chunk of the budget in a platform, recruited a community manager or team, trained the team and resourced for some ongoing design and development time it’s important to understand what that investment means and why it is worthwhile to the business.

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The Incredible Power of Search for Online Communities

Why Your User-Generated Content is an SEO Goldmine

Online communities have rapidly positioned themselves as one of the most powerful ways you can build a trusted brand, provide leading customer service and lower costs engaging with your audience.

However, in an age when original content is king and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is hard fought and hard won, online communities provide a plethora of ways to enhance traditional channels and step ahead of your competition. Let’s look at some examples.

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The Cost of Managing the Customer Experience

Understanding The Costs of an End-to-End Journey

Let’s start with a question. Would you like to be known for having a best-in-class customer service experience?

For any organisation worth their salt, the answer will be a resounding yes. This is usually followed by “that’s all well and good, but will it be expensive to implement?”. That’s an important question to ask when any significant shift to a new system, process or innovative approach usually comes with a sunken cost.

But what is the hidden cost of continuing with an archaic, underperforming customer service experience that continues to miss opportunities across the entire customer experience journey to delight audiences and build brand loyalty?

More importantly, do you know how much these costs are?

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4 Roads Sponsor Verint’s Engage Conference 2019

4 Roads are global Verint partners and once again sponsoring Engage, their annual Customer Conference to showcase the newly developed Verint community. This years conference will be held in Orlando, Florida, USA from the 20th till the 23rd May 2019.

4 Roads founder and CEO, Robert Nash will be available on the 4 Roads booth, P-10, to demonstrate how 4 Roads have improved the Verint Online Community. By redefining the existing community site, it now now delivers a better and more engaging user experience to its customers, partners and employees.

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