This means you can benefit from a complete social suite with features such as:

· Forums
· Blogs
· Wikis

· Chat
· Gamification
· And more…


This is a suite of products created by Sitecore to aid integrations with third-party systems and applications. Telligent is one of the third-party systems with which Sitecore connects.


The Telligent Community platform delivers market-leading community solutions for social marketing, customer service and employee engagement use cases.

Telligent is a powerful platform that allows you to deliver incredible user experiences.

Other key Telligent benefits:

· Like Sitecore, it’s built on the Microsoft.NET platform
· The solution is developer friendly
· It has numerous open source integrations available on GitHub


We’re recognised globally as the most experienced Telligent partner. In fact, we have been a Telligent partner since our inception in 2004. Here are other key reasons for working with us:

· We’re Sitecore Certified Solution Partners
· We have certified Sitecore web developers and marketers working in-house
· We specialise in developing tightly integrated social products

We have also been responsible for some of the largest community deployments across the globe and have created communities consisting of millions of members.

· We’ve developed numerous free social plugins for Telligent, available in GitHub
· We support Telligent themselves with projects

Not only are we community development experts, we’re also able to work in a flexible way to suit your approach. So, we can work:

· Independently to develop your Sitecore integrated community
· In direct co-operation with client’s in-house team or with multiple third-party agencies/suppliers
· As consultants advising on developments delivered by client teams or agents

Our Telligent experience in facts and figures



Sitecore user group

Sitecore Certified Solution Partners

4 Roads are Sitecore Certified Solution Partners with in-house certified Sitecore web developers and marketers.

Telligent Logo

Telligent Certified Partners and Guest Bloggers

4 Roads have been Telligent partners since its conception in 2004, and are recognised globally as the most experienced Telligent Community partner.

"4 Roads have been one of our strongest partners in the UK since our founding in 2004, and their technical expertise makes them a sensible choice for implementation work."

Jon Allen, Telligent Community

Get started for free

We’re offering firms using Sitecore an opportunity to add an online branded community for free.

The offer includes a half-day consultancy at your office (or remotely, if you prefer?) where we will:

· Implement the free version of the Telligent Community for your business
· Help you evaluate the Telligent platform
· Help you experience how Telligent integrates with your Sitecore system

If you’d like to take up our free offer, please contact us using the details below or leave your email and/or phone number in the box so we can get in touch with you.

Contact Info

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Robert Nash is owner and CEO at 4 Roads, and with more than 20 years of experience in developing community solutions, he would be happy to talk you through the process of integrating Telligent into your web solution.


4 Roads Sponsor Verint’s Engage Conference 2019

4 Roads are global Verint partners and once again sponsoring Engage, their annual Customer Conference to showcase the newly developed Verint community. This years conference will be held in Orlando, Florida, USA from the 20th till the 23rd May 2019.

4 Roads founder and CEO, Robert Nash will be available on the 4 Roads booth, P-10, to demonstrate how 4 Roads have improved the Verint Online Community. By redefining the existing community site, it now now delivers a better and more engaging user experience to its customers, partners and employees.

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Crossing The Chasm

With Any New Innovation, Adoption Is Key

Human beings are, by nature, wary of change. It’s a deep-rooted bias that has harks from ancient times when being the one who said: “I wonder if this Yak omelette would taste any better with a cyanide garnish” was a reminder for the village that perhaps plain old Yak was best.

When an organisation looks to deploy a new system or way of working, it’s natural for many to defer to their inner voice that worries things will be worse because it’s different. The mental process happens in a millisecond and most people are unaware it’s happened:

  • It’s different, thus it presents a threat to my understood environment
  • It’s a threat to my understood environment and therefore I should reject it
  • I’ve rejected it which removes the difference and returns me to my norm
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Artificial Intelligence For Customer Engagement

By 2020, customers will manage 85% of their interactions with an organisation without a human.

By 2025, Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) will account for 95% of all customer interactions with your organisation.

These two predictions by Gartner and Servion give a very clear indication as to where customer engagement is heading, especially at a time when competing purely on products and pricing in a competitive global market is tough.

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connected customer

Keeping Up With The Connected Customer

Did you know a lot of your customers don’t want to speak to you? In fact, a 2018 Pega survey found that 57% actually dread it. Does this mean that once blooming relationship is over, and you’ve somehow offended your valuable audience beyond measure? Not in the slightest! It means your customer is evolving and it’s your job to evolve with them.

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Knowledge Management

Applying Knowledge Management To Improve Customer Experience

Ever heard of the 80/20 rule? It can apply to many areas of productivity but the basic premise is that 80% of your time doing low-value repetitive tasks is better spent focussing on the 20% of tasks that yield the best return for your efforts.

In the world of customer service, it’s not uncommon for a customer service rep to spend 80% of their time responding to common and repetitive calls or emails with the same information effectively making them (through no fault of their own) inefficient and probably somewhat demoralised.

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The Value Of Self-Service In A Digital World

If you’ve ever had to write a cheque in the last 12 months, you’ll have almost certainly reflected on how technology has changed this type of transaction for the better. You may also have considered how the 45 minutes trying to locate your cheque book in the first could have been more productively used.

The digital revolution has changed the mindset of us as consumers, as we embrace tools and technology that makes our lives more efficient and productive.

Nowhere is this more prevalent than customer service with the arrival of Intelligent Self-Service and the opportunities it brings.

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