Showcasing Artificial Intelligence At Hitachi Vantara’s NEXT2018

4 Roads has had an incredible experience working with Hitachi Vantara on some very innovative projects recently.

We have created a bespoke self-service platform, featuring artificial intelligence and chatbots, which was used on their official event stand, at their global sales conference event, ‘Next 2018’ in San Diego.

Next 2018 specialised in the Digital Revolution, providing insights into strategy, business opportunity and technological innovations.

Our bespoke intelligent self-service event solution, developed specifically for Hitachi Vantara gave users complete control over building a virtual rack at the event, on large touchscreens. The platform not only highlighted key features and selling points of Hitachi servers, but allowed delegates to configure products in real-time, initiate a chat conversation with a chatbot and escalate their enquiry, directly to a sales rep at the event if required – a fantastic customer service tool.

One of our Web Developers, Luke Briggs flew to San Diego to provide a helping hand at Next 2018 and documented his experience. Check out the video below for our journey and insight into self-service software with Hitachi Vantara.

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