Testing @ 4 Roads

Hope you all enjoyed reading my previous post on testing. You can probably guess from the title what this post is about. Yes, I would now like to share my experience in testing at 4 Roads.

Over the past few months, the 4 Roads team has been developing a product called ‘Bragstr’ for a client based in U.S. I’m glad that I have been a part of the team.  The product was developed in web and mobile interfaces and testing the application was wonderful. This application was developed on the Telligent community platform and I have to add this bit about the product, especially our mobile version – It has come out ‘just awesome’. I’m pretty sure you’ll love the product when you use it. 

I’m having an amazing experience in testing this application, whose beta version of web and mobile interfaces were released during mid2012 and early 2013 respectively.  The web interface has the detailed functionality options when compared to the mobile version. This was the first attempt by 4 Roads to step into the mobile development and we wanted to give the users the best experience with no compromises to the quality. Having all these in mind, our team came out with new, fast and reliable design and development techniques. The team has put all the effort to provide the best quality software.  Telligent’s options and support for mobile development is enormous and customizable.  From the testing perspective, the design can be accessed using any major testing tools. The social integration using the 4 Roads add-on, Nexus has turned out to be excellent.

Overall, it was a good experience with the project and as you all know 4 Roads has also become an official Sitecore partner. I’m looking forward to work on the Sitecore application too. I believe this also presents some exciting opportunities ahead.