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Combining our expertise in current and experiential technologies, we are building class-leading virtual event experiences underpinned by our open source platform, SocialStack.

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Rapidly create standout virtual event experiences.

What is SocialStack?

SocialStack is our homegrown open source platform which allows brands to rapidly build social experiences and is highly secure, scalable and provides all the benefits of an off the shelf product. All whilst offering the flexibility of a custom solution, allowing you to tailor a virtual event experience to your audience’s needs.

Benefits Of SocialStack

We’d be kidding ourselves to think that virtual events, or the use of virtual tools in physical settings, are going anywhere fast. There’s just too much value to be gained from a virtual or hybrid approach.

Custom Experiences

SocialStack excels when you want to create experiences other platforms can’t deliver. When it’s a question between creating something from scratch or using SocialStack as the foundation, one will be considerably quicker and cost-effective.

CMS Based

SocialStack is a modular-based CMS system. It’s designed for full flexibility and allows brands to craft bespoke virtual event experiences, while leveraging existing modules to minimise costs and time to market.

User Interface

Despite the comprehensive functionality, technology should not be a barrier or hindrance. It should encourage the audience to participate and feel engaged. As a core part of the delegate experience, an easy to navigate, intuitive user interface is essential.

Tight Timeframes

One of the biggest challenges is finding a platform which can deliver your custom requirements and be deployed and tested in time for the planned event date. With SocialStack’s CMS design, we can work to tight timeframes without sacrificing quality or performance.

3D Experiences

A far cry from traditional green screens, we have the creative tools to build hyper-engaging custom 3D event environments, either replicating existing locations or something entirely unique. With this we can take audience engagement to an entirely new level, capturing all of the visceral energy and emotion that make shared experiences so memorable.


Events built on SocialStack offer almost unlimited opportunities for measurement and analytics. From individual delegate journeys to most popular content, dwell times, click rates – all of which can be used to optimise future events as well as provide useful insights for sales and marketing teams to convert leads.

Expanding the Experience

Leverage tools like AR/VR or digital communities to elevate content and drive engagement offers a level of sophistication that proves digital’s worth. Not solely as a makeweight during an era of social distancing, but as a legitimate player in the events industry of the future.

Virtual event experiences have been gaining momentum over recent years, but in a locked-down world they have boomed, with a whole host of international and local events migrating to digital platforms by sheer virtue of necessity. However, the end product often tends to fall short of grand expectations and there is a great deal of difference between the passivity of video streaming and content that truly engages hearts and minds. In part, this has been due to the inherent limitations of the virtual event technology, but that’s all about to change…

What can SocialStack do?

Giving you the freedom to rapidly build virtual event experiences your delegates won’t forget.

Key Functionality

All the tools you need to run a smooth virtual event.
SocialStack is a modular-based CMS system. It’s designed for full flexibility and allows brands to craft bespoke virtual event experiences, while leveraging existing modules to minimize costs and time to market.

Full Functionality

SocialStack has a library of event modules ready to pick from, including:

Our process

Our overriding ambition is to retain all the immediacy, energy and emotion of a live event—the human interaction, the atmosphere and the soundscape—but we also want to make your event uniquely special, personalised and exclusive.


A demo environment, complete with initial custom branding, will show you SocialStack in action.


Ready to get started? Our UX design team will create the framework of your bespoke event solution, unique to your business branding, goals and audience needs. Alternatively, if you have designs ready we can refine and advise.


We will build your approved event solution, broken down into individual sprints, so that we can work agiley, responsively and quickly.

Case Studies

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House Of Hackney

4 Roads has elevated House of Hackney’s bespoke design consultation service with a new digitally enabled customer experience tool. Customers will now be able to see how best selling items such as fabric and wallpaper look on a true-to-life scale, before making a purchase.

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Let us show you what SocialStack can do.

Contact us today, and together we can create a virtual event experience that surprises and delights your customers.

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At 4 Roads, we have built virtual experiences for organisations of all sizes, across a range of sectors. Tell us about the challenges you’re facing, and the goals you’d like to achieve. We can walk you through the possibility of leveraging SocialStack, and how it can help you to make your mark. Get in touch, and together we can get started.