Vetsurgeon online community


Working Communities specialises in building and maintaining online communities for professional audiences, of which and are two.

In a UK industry of an estimated 14,000 practicing vets, has over 12,500 members with over 150,000 page visits every month.

Developed by digital partner 4Roads, these online communities are now leading websites for UK veterinary professionals. Both have two key objectives: to be an effective platform to market products and services to veterinary surgeons, and to make a real difference to the lives of those in the profession.



The communities take veterinary professions out of isolation and empower them to share clinical information, experience and knowledge. Consequently, helping improve working practices, elevating patient care, supporting each other and enhancing working lives. It also offers digital advertising opportunities to veterinary suppliers.

Not only this, forums, a well-established part of the fabric of the veterinary profession are used as a catalyst for change and as a vehicle through which members can bring thought-leadership to issues facing the industry.

The sites also includes job advertising areas, which are optimised for mobile and designed to enable the site to generate additional advertising revenue. A comprehensive SEO strategy, including AdWords means high Google ranking across UK locations resulting in significant monthly increases in job listings. jobs boards attract around 435 industry adverts per month – nearly as many as the Veterinary Times and Veterinary Record combined.

Hundreds of monthly CPD records are created with nearly 700 CPD records created within four months of launch.

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