British Dental Association’s Advanced Calendaring System


The British Dental Association (BDA) hosts the UK’s largest annual dentistry conference, including over 150 exhibitors and 5,000 attendees. Its annual conference is a critical way of engaging members and generates significant revenue for the association.

BDA teamed with Telligent partner 4 Roads to create a public event community that would support a social experience, bridging online and offline interactions. 4 Roads built an online community and implemented Chronos for advanced event management within the community for attendees to plan their schedules during the conference.


  • Client: The British Dental Association
  • Tasks: Concept, Design & Development
  • Website:



4 Roads extended the value of its annual conference and the community was a critical way for attendees to plan their conference experience, which also served to distinguish this event from market competitors.

Calendaring enabled exhibitors and session planners to schedule events, which hundreds of attendees used to plan their calendars, locate events with interactive maps and comment on activities.

Exhibitors also benefited as the ability to market events and engage attendees before the conference, exhibitors received additional sponsorship value through online engagement. Attendees booked appointments in advance, which provided exhibitors with pre-sales engagement and enhanced the value of the sponsor.