Reynolds Press’ Augmented Reality App


Reynolds Press is a print business based in Kenilworth, Warwickshire.

As part of its drive to be an industry leader and a print-world innovator, Reynolds Press is interested in new capabilities and processes that can help its business work smarter.

Award-winning creative technology agency 4 Roads was engaged by Reynolds Press after pitching an idea about using Augmented Reality (AR) to boost its business. 4 Roads developed an Augmented Reality app to demonstrate to prospective clients how AR designs for signage, packaging labels, and exhibition stands could look in the real world.


Reynolds Press


“To our knowledge, there’s no-one in the print world currently using Augmented Reality this way. That means we can provide Reynolds with a genuine competitive edge and support them as their needs change, ” said Robert Nash, chief executive officer of 4 Roads.

4 Roads then deepened the user experience even further by in a new AR capability into the app. This additional feature enables customers to explore the look and feel of a whole exhibition stand in AR without having to be in the exhibition space.

Read The Full Case Study.

Now, with just a smartphone and the app, Reynolds can also help its clients get up close and personal with a virtual rendering of how their signage might look on a building. They can also use a marker to show how an entire exhibition space (and all the exhibits within) would look once created.

The addition of the AR marker functionality to the app has allowed Reynolds Press to win a lucrative new piece of business. However, perhaps the most exciting result of the AR development project is the way in which it has opened previously unexplored markets for Reynolds Press.