Kaido Employee Wellbeing Solution


Kaido Wellbeing is a corporate wellbeing solution, which is powered by Kaido, a revolutionary ‘insights platform,’ and developed by 4 Roads.

The partnership between 4 Roads and Kaido form a ground breaking digital heath business. Kaido Wellbeing is setting a new standard for internal employee wellbeing and has been born out of a perfect marriage between the technical capabilities of 4 Roads, and advanced technology provided by Kaido.



The solution enhances internal employee wellbeing by allowing organisations to offer personalised health guidance and support to employees, whilst using data intelligently to quantify real-time return on investment for the organisation.

Kaido Wellbeing is the first truly personalised Corporate Wellbeing Solution for employees to be offered to SME’s and enterprise companies and considered the first that uses health data intelligently to give individual health assistance to each and every employee on a personal level. In addition, the service is totally device agnostic, meaning employees are free to use any health monitoring device or application that suits them.

For employers, the aim of encouraging use of the Kaido Wellbeing solution is the improved health and happiness of employees. Technology is a great enabler as it allows data on individuals to be gathered together so a business can understand how the health of its staff is improving. The key ROI indicators will be a reduced number of sick days and a general improvement of individual and team productivity as the effects of each challenge start to ripple through the business.

The partnership between Kaido Group and 4 Roads accelerated in 2017 when they were approached by a major utilities company about making use of the technology. In June 2017, the first phase of the solution was made available to around 4,000 employees of the utilities company.

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