Inbuilding Online Community

PROJECT DESCRIPTION was developed for UK based architects and architectural technologists using the Telligent Community platform. The community is free to join, and the platform allows members to connect with their peers, share ideas and experiences within the architecture forums, advertise and browse jobs, catch up with the latest news, and showcase their work in the architecture galleries. Plus there’s a collaborative diary of CPD training and other events for the profession. was originally built using a vanilla Telligent 5.0 site and theme, on a very limited budget. However, only ever a temporary measure, Working Communities decided to invest in developing the platform further, to include a more contemporary, sophisticated look and more robust and varied functionality. If successful, the platform would later be rolled out to the veterinary audiences.


PROJECT DETAILS provides members access to a state-of-the-art peer-to-peer community through which you can connect with others in the profession, plus:

  • Architecture forums in which to ask questions, share ideas and experiences
  • Free classified job advertising
  • Video, photo and file sharing galleries
  • News for architects
  • Collaborative CPD and events diary for architects is seeing some significant growth in terms of registrations and engagement on the community. When the site was upgraded and launched, member numbers were at 900. That grew to over 2900 members – 311% growth over 1 year. With such growth in membership, engagement rates are consequently amplified – primarily with in the community forums – this engagement then facilitates and is filtered into other areas of the community site.