Hitachi Vantara’s Artificial Intelligence Event Solution


Hitachi Vantara is part of the Hitachi Group, the 38th biggest business in the world. Every year, Hitachi Vantara runs a conference where it demonstrates to customers and partners what the next 12 months will hold.

Ordinarily, Hitachi Vantara would ship and physically erect hardware racks to demonstrate its new solutions and their possible configurations at the conference. However, it wanted a new way to showcase its entire portfolio that would surprise and delight delegates.

Hitachi Vantara needed a partner that could deliver a cutting-edge digital experience that would bring its project range to life in a new and exciting way.

The digital experience 4 Roads delivered enabled Hitachi Vantara to demonstrate its solutions in a truly ground-breaking way. What’s more, the project was completed with great efficiency as just 12 weeks elapsed between an initial conversation and final delivery.


Hitachi Vantara case study


4 Roads added a digital experience to Hitachi Vantara’s exhibition stand that incorporated stunning 3D visuals and artificial intelligence to allow delegates to interact with how a hardware rack solution would look once it’s created and in situ.

By moving beyond a static demo model,Hitachi Vantara customers and prospects could configure and visualise a racking solution customised to their exact requirements in much the same way as an automobile customer might configure the spec for their new car on a manufacturer’s website.

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The experience proved to be a huge draw for customers and offered them a pleasurable and new way to engage with the range of products that was being showcased.

Hitachi Vantara has since used the experience – via a version scaled to the web and made available through a browser – to allow customers, partners and their own sales teams to quickly and easily source product information. It has also been used as a customer engagement tool allowing customers to visualise their investment.