Cherwell Software’s Support Community


4 Roads has enabled Cherwell Software, a leading developer of IT service management software to adapt to their customers growing and changings needs. During a refresh of its marketing website, Cherwell also wanted to consolidate its other online destinations. These were an existing online community, online marketplace called the mApp Exchange, a global conference site, and private areas for partners and speciality groups.

4 Roads developed a new support community, which has doubled in growth and become a key component of Cherwell’s customer strategy. The engaged and active membership has helped maintain Cherwell’s high customer retention rate, increased sales, plus, provided full control of user data, never achieved before.



High levels of peer-to-peer support reduces the burden on Cherwell’s support centre, the need for support team on-boarding and The Customer Advisory Board uses the community to guide software development.

Community user profiles have both private and public settings and functionality includes social ratings and comments. Subsequent upgrades have enhanced design and improved navigation.


The mApp Exchange was also migrated to the community platform which transformed the destination into a true community-driven exchange.

4 Roads have future-proofed Cherwell’s nest of websites and provide the possibility that could help the company to scale.

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