Box-It Central’s Website Restructure and Redesign


4 Roads initiated a review and UX audit of Box-it Central’s WordPress website (a regional franchise providing document management solutions) prior to conducting a design and content structure overhaul.

Specifically, the audit considered general user experience improvements and opportunities to improve the wider customer journey.

The website now benefits from users dwelling longer for each session and drilling deeper. The new Quote function has generated a 14% increase in leads a large percentage of users are now delving deeper into its rich library of content before clicking on the Get A Quote call to action. Box-It Central has also recorded a 65% increase in users while page views are up 49%.


Box-It Central


4 Roads recommended a two-phase website improvement project. This would focus on addressing the main themes and issues it highlighted during the review. Wireframes were produced to help Box-it visualise the expected changes.

“The main thing was that the Box-it website had a lot of content, but it was hard to find,” said Luke Briggs, developer with 4 Roads. “Our focus was on making this more accessible and relevant as part of a broader plan to improve the usability of the site.”

Thanks to the changes implemented by 4 Roads, now benefits from a more customer-friendly experience.

The design overall means visitors can more easily understand (and access) Box-it Central’s principal services, access its wealth of helpful content, and benefit from the improved Get A Quote function.

Changes to page hierarchy mean Box-it Central now works to a three-click principle – where users enter the site, go to a service page, then select an option to drill a further level down to access content, a quote, or something else.

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