Zimbra Social can be called Telligent Community again

 I'm pleased to say that after a short period (1 year 9 months) of confusion over branding our favorite community platform and company is back to being called Telligent, see the announcement here

We see this acquisition as excellent news for our current and future customers.  Verint has a suite of products that compliment Telligent Community and has the financial and corporate infrastructure to support Telligent to grow as a business and maintain it's acclaimed position in things like the Gartner Magic Quadrant and Forrester Reports. 

As Telligent partners, we will continue our commitment to the platform with the intention of moving our current suite of plugins to open source in the very near future and we will also continue to help Telligent by contributing to the plugins that are now open source.

We've worked with Telligent for a long time, long enough for some staff to be considered personal friends (I hope one day to give Rob Howard a run for his money in an IronMan event). 

I do hope that this new home is a good choice and they are able to continue to innovate and provide us with the tools to continue to create websites like TES Connect, VetSurgeon, Zebra, AFS, Cherwell, Dog, WeAreSocial's Intranet and many more.  Good Luck!