Welcome Nexus 3.5

I am pleased to announce the release of Nexus 3 for Telligent Community 5.0 – 5.6.

We've been involved with Telligent Community since its creation and Nexus is the only compatible social network integration application. Nexus 3 includes some new functionality and improved performance to extend the Telligent Evolution social platform even further.

We know that some of you have been waiting for these updates so here they are:

  • Frictionless authentication where the social network allows (1 click join).
  • Improved Facebook Integration using the new OAuth API.
  • Out of the box FBML mark-up support, providing all Facebook controls including the popular like button.
  • Windows Live Messenger Connect and LinkedIn as built in providers, joining the existing Twitter and Facebook providers.
  • The ability to share content, blogs, media, forum posts and even share status’s with a connected account.
  • An enhanced user interface.
  • A new Quick Share feature with inbuilt share control providing community members a seamless integration with their connected accounts.
  • The ability to place any number of Windows Live or facebook controls on the page using the Telligent HTML raw mark-up widget.
  • The addition of the Nexus share widget allowing you to add share controls to any page on the site.
  • Open Graph Support which can be added site wide, to any page of the site.

With these advancements to Nexus core technology, it’s easy to see why Nexus is trusted as the most comprehensive and powerful social network integration application for Telligent Community in today’s connected world.

Take a closer look at these screen shots or create an account on our demonstration site to see Nexus in action.

You can read more information about Nexus here or follow us on twitter @4Roads for more product news and updates.