We Are Social uses Telligent Community to drive employee communication and collaboration internally

4 Roads is well known for building online communities using the Telligent Community platform. Here is a reminder of some of the online communities that you may be familiar with:

  •  The Dog.com Online Community for dog lovers: http://community.dog.com/ – A thriving community for dog owners in the USA


  • The TES Community for teachers: https://community.tes.co.uk/ – TES is the world’s largest online community for teaching professionals with over 6 million members worldwide.

I’m very excited to announce that recently 4 Roads has been working with We Are Social (WAS) which is the world’s leading agency specialising in social media. The agency started out in June 2008 and has since grown to 500 international employees working across 9 global offices. Due to explosive growth, it became clear to WAS that they needed to review their internal communication strategy. The emergence of Enterprise Social platforms presented them with the ideal opportunity to think about how they communicate and collaborate throughout the organisation, and it started to occur to them that solely relying on email and telephone communications was not suitable long-term.

WAS went through a thorough evaluation of platforms and it became apparent that Telligent Community was not only a best best-of-breed social platform but it would also meet almost all of their requirements out-of-the-box. 4 Roads worked closely with the WAS design team to guarantee a smooth implementation which resulted is in us building an internal community which is fondly referred to as ‘The Ship’. Their team also worked with our partners Shilbrook Associates who did a fabulous job of advising them on how best to gain engagement and build buy in across the organisation.

WAS has been a phenomenal client to work with and it’s very apparent that with buy-in since day one, it will be plain sailing (sorry!) for The Ship. To read more about this project, download the WAS case study.

If you’re eager to see a demo of WAS, come along to SMILE London 2015 on the 11th March and we’d be happy to show you a demo. You’ll also get an opportunity to see other interesting examples of employee social networks. If you’re interested in a ticket, contact me at james.browne@4-roads.com

Some other exciting announcements will be made at SMILE but you’ll have to wait just a few more days before I can spill the beans. What I can say is that if you’re about to start a community project either internally or externally or you have an existing community that needs a rethink, keep your eyes peeled.

Hope to see some of you at SMILE next week!