We Are Social’s master class in how to sail into the sunset with the perfect Enterprise Social Network launch

Earlier this week, our friends at simply-communicate, Marc Lawrence and Gloria Lombardi interviewed Emma Cumming, Head of Internal Communications at We Are Social (WAS) and Peter Furtado Senior Consultant of simplysucceed. The webinar touches on how WAS launched their Enterprise Social platform which they call ‘The Ship’. If you missed this free webinar, you can still watch it here: http://www.simply-goodadvice.com/smile-sub/webinars.htm

It’s a fascinating insight into how We Are Social launched and developed The Ship. What is equally intriguing was listening to what the simply-communicates readership has been getting up to from an ESN perspective. Of course each organisation is at a slightly different stage of the ESN journey. Some are in the process of launching and others have already launched an ESN and it was interesting to see how WAS compared. The readers had been polled before the webinar so there were some interesting benchmarks, for example organisations were asked ‘What were the main objectives of launching an ESN?’ Not too surprisingly, knowledge exchange, improving staff engagement and sharing good practice all rate highly.

Peter gives a valuable perspective on the importance of planning and talks about how he was brought in by We Are Social to help with preparing the launch which includes defining the purpose and objectives for the platform so that there is buy in amongst the organisation. The results speak for themselves. 75% adoption in just 3 months!

It’s definitely worth a watch and also a reminder that you can read about our involvement in the project where we were brought in as the Telligent Community specialists – here is the link to our case study:

Are you wondering why 'The Ship'? Well the business was polled for ideas but according to Emma, it is a fortuitous name. Not only is it about everyone heading towards an agreed destination but it’s also an acronym for We Are Socials values – Social, Honest, Inspiring and Passionate.