Top 5 posts of 2013

Top 5 posts of 2013

2014 is in sight, and what better way to end the year, than to take a look back through our archives, and reflect on what made the biggest bang on our blog, in 2013.

These ‘top’ posts are named as such, as they have been the most read and most linked too and have had the most comments and shares.  So take this opportunity to sit back, relax and catch up on some posts you may have missed, or recap on your favourite posts.

The following posts include posts covering topics around social media, online community, business culture and marketing.

1.   Social networks vs. online communities

“I often find that when I mention the words online community to people, they respond with something like “Oh yeah, like Facebook.” Does this sound familiar to you too? Then this post is a must read. Written by Gina Narramore, she makes the distinction between online communities and social networks. Continue reading.

2.   How do social networks and online communities work together?

Written by Robert Nash, this post expands on the post above, and shows that although different entities, social networks and online communities do work in partnership. Continue reading.

3.   Business culture and your online community

This post is written by Peter Furtado of our partners, Shilbrook Associates, and explains that no matter what the requirement of your online community is – your business culture plays a key role in its success. Continue reading.

4.   6 questions to ask before starting an online community

Thinking of diving into the world of online communities, but not sure where to begin? Gina Narramore provides her top considerations to think about when starting your own bespoke online community – be it a customer community or internal social network. Continue reading. 

5.   Create inbound marketing magic with an online community

As a marketer, in basic terms, you want people to find you on the web, like what they see, and become a customer. As Robert Nash explains, you can effectively marry your inbound marketing strategy with your online community to achieve business objectives. Continue reading.

So there you are, the top 5 posts on the 4 Roads blog in 2013. We hope you had as much fun reading them as we had writing them for you. We very much look forward to next year, and continuing to share content centered around online communities, social media, social business and more.

As the festive season fast approaches, take care, have fun and Merry Christmas!

What were your favourite blog posts of 2013? It doesn’t have to be a 4 Roads blog post.  Is there more of something you’d like to read about in 2014? Leave a comment below and tell us.