Defining Social Commerce – It’s only half baked, if that!

Honestly, we can talk about what Social Commerce is and what it isn't all day long.  The truth is though, Social Commerce is a continually evolving concept atributable to the creative and diverse business models in which it is being applied.  At it's core though, when we look at it from a market and business applicability perspective, we perceive it to be driven by the following foundational tenants:

  • Perpetuated by the human instinct to promote best of breed products and services through shared experiences
  • Continues to set new paradigms for consumer spending behavior
  • Reinforces a seller beware market
  • Transcends well beyond traditional ratings, reviews and referrals
  • Promotes organic sales and marketing through creative incentives, social media integration and member activity based promotions

Of course, Four Roads reserves the right to change this list at any time as it applies to the evolutionary term 'Social Commerce' itself.  😉