Smile! New Plugins for Telligent Community

4 Roads have been Telligent Community partners since the product was first launched as Community Server version 1, and have always been committed to providing professional services for Telligent Community customers.

This year, 4 Roads have developed a number of new plugins for Telligent Community, all aimed at enhancing user experience. We are pleased to announce we can now release two more into the existing Telligent plugins suite – the Advanced Emoticon Support plugin and the Last Read Forum Post plugin.

1. Advanced Emoticon Support

Did you know emoticons are over 30 years old? During this time they have evolved from the simple smiley face, and have firmly established themselves as an accepted part of communications in the digital age.

Telligent Community is no exception – emoticons are used widely within Telligent, however the process for inserting them is not as user friendly as it could be. For example, Telligent requires the end user to place all smileys in square brackets like this [:)]. Once this has been done, it is replaced with code as an <IMG tag.

This has two implications – firstly when users are typing they rarely want to, or remember to put square brackets around text and secondly by replacing the 🙂 with an IMG tag, the ability to copy and paste for future emoticons is disabled.

Our new Advanced Emoticon Support plugin eliminates both these issues. Firstly, it removes the need for inserting square brackets, and secondly, by using a <span tag and CSS to display the images, usability is greatly enhanced.

2. Last Read Forum Post

Imagine you are reading forum posts within a thread, you then leave the community to do something else. When you come back to the thread, an hour or so later, to continue reading the comments, you are defaulted back to the start of the thread, and have to manually scroll and click though posts to get to where you last were.

Imagine the frustration – a frustration echoed by many Telligent customers.

4 Roads have listened, and have created a plugin to put an end to these frustrations.

The Last Read Forum Post plugin allows the user to continue where they left off when reading forum threads. The plugin allows the tracking of what post a user has last read in a thread and then creates an nVelocity extension to expose the link.


We envisage these particular plugins will make a few of you happier.


If you’d like to be sent either of these FREE plugins for Telligent Community 6.0 upwards, please contact us.

Alternatively visit our Telligent products section of the website for more details on all Telligent products, including other plugins in the suite.