"We've enjoyed the flexibility of options Four Roads has provided to us.  We had a tall order of migrating custom functionality from our previous community to a more up-to-date and robust system while still retaining flexibility for our clientele.  We're not talking about the traditional discussions and a download center, but libraries of information, surveying capabilities and integration with our SaaS logins while matching the look and feel of our public site.  The feedback from our clientele has been overwhelmingly positive.  They love the new look and feel and we love the fact that we have content controls that were not possible with our old community system. We appreciate the commitment and dedication of the Four Roads team to our project and the successful launch of our new community."

David Kornegay
Community Mayor, Schooldude

The staff at SchoolDude are experts at selling web-based applications. They came to us for a rewrite of their existing community site. Their community is sold on a subscription basis and brings their customers together in an environment where they can learn best practices and share their experiences with SchoolDude products. We were delighted to take on this project and worked closely with the management team in the USA and their development group in Malaysia. Development was progressed using SCRUM and Agile techniques so that we could match our clients expectations as closely as possible.

Their community contained all of the standard Community Server functionality plus the following:

  • An application that let people list and rate vendors commonly used by community members.
  • Video library
  • An integrated survey builder that lets community members create surveys for their end users.
  • Events and news feeds pulled in from the SchoolDude website.
  • Custom search criteria for blogs and forums
  • Custom data migration from their old forums to their new community
  • Custom membership and role providers that integrate with their security web services