The E-factor in Social Commerce

In looking at the evolution of e-Commerce and social networking over the last few years, a convergence has occured which is now being called "Social Commerce".  Ratings, reviews, referrals, personalized recommendations…It's really quite commonplace to see this functionality throughout most e-Commerce sites today.  While there are folks trying to catch up to provide this type of experience to their customers, we are looking closely at what truly drives repeat buyers and return visitors. 

What is it that makes people want to frequent your online storefront and contribute back to the rest of your community?

There's no doubt that digging into this question opens up many different philosophies and concepts but one that resonates throughout is centered on what we are calling the E-Factor.  The E-Factor is pretty simple.  It represents something that we all enjoy and makes us feel special in our own unique way.  Yes folks, I'm talking about Entertainment! 

From deal seekers to impulse buyers, we all like being awarded with suprise promotions that are intelligent, thoughtful and personal.  Point systems and random event promotions within your Social Commerce storefront open creative ways to promote activity, return site visits and increased spending.  And while everyone says they don't play games, everyone loves a game that benefits their pocketbook and provides some instant grat….

As we continue to evolve Four Roads Commerce, we are incorporating dynamic, yet easily configurable and extendable ways to incent members based on their activity in the community and the storefront itself.  Member points are just the begining of a entirely new way to differentiate your online shopping experience.  There's much more to come and we are excited about being on the forefront!