New Versions of Commerce Released

We are pleased to announce a new release of Commerce for Community Server 2007 and 2008.  This latest release brings in features and enhancements that you have been asking for and marks the next step in the evolution of our product.  Please have a look at these great new features that will help you increase your community revenue.

Discounting Engine: Commerce now includes a versatile, extensible discount system that allows you to add discounts to categories or to individual items. You can use the discount types shown below or create your own by building upon our API.

  • Money off – A fixed price deduction off the price of a product.
  • Percentage off – A percentage discount off the price of a product.
  • Buy n get n for free – A simple way to promote your products using up-selling such as 2 for 1.

Coupons: You can now create coupons and batches of coupons that are time and/or redemption limited. You can create coupons in batches and assign them a specific discount. Coupons very extensible, just like the discounting engine.

Reporting: The reporting interface is much improved. The Sales Chart and Sales Report now use the same user interface for querying and printing. You can quickly see your revenue stream and the sales performance of your products, taking into account discounts and coupons used by your customers.

Code and Test Improvements: To make your experience with our product the best possible, we are always improving our code and improving our testing capabilities. We're one of the first independent software vendors to perform full unit testing against Community Server and it's add-ons . This release has more unit tests and increased code coverage.

Changes for CS 2008 Version

Our 2008 version of the product has also benefited from additional changes that have been requested by our customers:

New Payment Gateway: For our customers in South Africa, Commerce now includes a payment gateway for Virtual Card Services.

Theme Improvements: When it comes to selling to your customers, it's important to have a simple, straightforward process for taking their orders. Through analysis of usage patterns, we identified several improvements that will increase customer retention during the checkout process. These changes have been introduced into this version of Commerce and are present in both the Calypso and Hawaii shop themes.

We hope you enjoy this new version of Four Roads Commerce. As always, we welcome your feedback in our forums or Contact page.

Commerce Team