How Is Your Social Community Performing?

 How is your online community performing?

We don’t like to repeat ourselves but we truly believe Telligent Community is one of (if not the) best social community platform in the market today.

4 Roads have been Telligent Community partners since its conception in 2004, and are now recognised globally as the most experienced Telligent Community partner. This means we really know ‘our stuff.’

What’s more, this also means, we are passionate about online communities. We want the future of social communities and enterprise social networks to be a bright one, despite the gloomy statistic, often spoken about, by internal communications and community strategy consultants. (In case you don’t know what Gartner statement I am referring to, I mean: “80% of social business efforts will not achieve the intended benefits through 2015” Gartner 2013.

Now that is quite a statement. 80% will fail. Let that sink in for a moment.

Hopefully, when you started out on your social community strategy, you took into consideration your audience motivations, your business processes and business change – something that is outlined in our Social Business Cookbook.

Approaching your community project with a proven business planning roadmap in this way provides the best possible route to success.

In addition, audience feedback, reviews and analytics, footfall, number of repeat customers and so on will also give an indication of how well your community doing. By collating this data, you then can fine-tune your methods to best suit your audience requirements.

Our recent enterprise social network implementation for We Are Social, achieved 70% adoption of the platform within 3 months and the functional tool was widely accessible to employees within 6 months. This impressive level of buy-in would be generally projected after an 18-24 month internal communications programme. Without the project programme in place (Shilbrook’s eight-point business framework, also used in the Simplysucceed programme of work),  We Are Social could have expected an average adoption of just 16% within this timeframe. It is also important to remember that it is very rare for a community to reach its full potential immediately after launch.

Ultimately, the success of any community will be to demonstrate increased shareholder value and ROI.

So how are you tracking and reporting on the success of your social community? Is it going as intended or are you hindered by stumbling blocks? What success metrics are you using to measure community success? We’d love to hear your experiences so leave us a comment below.

Additionally, if you need further assistance on anything discussed here, please do get in touch. We can provide understanding on:

  • How to plan to make your business truly social,
  • How to introduce a community effectively,
  • How to train your staff through tailored social learning courses
  • How to make you existing community more sustainable
  • How to introduce the right technology and integrate with existing systems
  • How to configure the platform for best results
  • And more.