Four Roads Upgrades Nexus, Chronos and Scribus for Telligent Community 6.0, and Introduces Sentrus

Four Roads applications allow customers to maximize the value of their investment in the Telligent Evolution platform

Four Roads a technology consultancy and professional services firm, announced today the release of Nexus, Chronos and Scribus for Telligent Community 6.0. To accompany the existing suite of products, Four Roads has also released Sentrus.

"We are the original Telligent integration partners and our products are premium applications that have evolved from five years of developing solutions for the Telligent Evolution platform. Sentrus is an invaluable, free tool that should be installed on every Telligent Evolution instance" said Gary McPherson, CTO.


Nexus is a fully integrated social network application for Telligent Community and this version now includes extended functionality for organic user invitations, more detailed metrics and improved user profile management.  Nexus is the extension of choice used by many existing Telligent communities to help promote and broaden their presence in the wider social space.


Chronos replaces the out-of-the-box Telligent Community Calendar as an alternative that improves on every area of the standard product.  Chronos supports group and user calendars as well as allowing the user to see their events in aggregated views.  In addition to the impressive feature set, Chronos is implemented using the scripted widget extensions, which is a new core feature of Telligent Evolution. This gives site managers the flexibility to tune calendar widgets to their needs without requiring technical staff.


Scribus builds on previous releases, injecting workflow content management directly into Telligent Community, without a requirement to re-train editorial staff for a separate administrative environment or paying for two disparate products with overlapping functionality.  Scribus is used to power sites with more than 12,000 live pages maintained by large editorial teams.


Alongside these awesome products, Four Roads has released Sentrus which is a simple, FREE plugin for Telligent Evolution 6.0 that performs automated site maintenance.  To complement this plugin, Four Roads will soon be offering a subscription service that will enable site owners to be proactively alerted about system issues within their community before end users are negatively affected.  Read our blog for development news as it happens. 


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