Four Roads Commerce Road Map (Updated)

It's been a few short months since the release of Four Roads Commerce for CS 2007.

We're following up with releases every 2 to 4 weeks that implement the features our customers tell us they need. Right now, the roadmap for version 1 releases is as follows:

  • Four Roads Commerce v1.2 – expected by April 18th, 2008

    • Support for copying products

    • Product variants – Lets you group together products that are essentially the same item but vary slightly in characteristic. For example, red pens vs. blue pens.

  • Four Roads Commerce v1.3 – to be released on the heels of Community Server 2008

    • Supports Community Server 2008

    • Includes current feature set of Commerce 2007 v1.2

  • Four Roads Commerce v1.4

    • New reports

    • Additional support for managing subscriptions

Please note that we update this roadmap as releases go out the door. If you'd like to give us your own thoughts on Four Roads Commerce or e-commerce for Community Server, please post a message in the Commerce forum, send us an email via our contact form, or talk with Rob or Sean directly.