Four Roads Commerce 2007 v1.2 released

Four Roads Commerce 1.2 for CS 2007 is now released in the downloads section of the site.  This release includes a set of exciting requirements that our customers have been asking for as well as improvements to the default theme, making your site more professional out of the box.

New Features:

  • Clone products feature; allowing you to quickly create a collection of simlar products withoutr re-entering data.
  • Product Linking; a new control panel page to allow you to associate products of the same type into a group.
  • Automatic Product Variants; Linked products can take advantage of the common category properties of the products and allow a user to navigate between product variants easily and quickly.
  • Default Theme Updates;  To make your site more stylish we have updated the default theme.

 We hope you like the new changes and for those waiting for the CS 2008 version, it's well on it's way the CS 2008 release will include all of the functionality of the CS 2007 1.2 plus a new theme.

Please give us some feedback, on your experiences,