Extending your network with Nexus

At 4 Roads, we are continually speaking to our customers to gain feedback and understand what enhancements they want to see in the products to enrich the experience for their users. We are particularly excited as this release will be included in some of our latest customer projects where we really start to push the boundaries. Keep posted on how we are bringing together the competition of fantasy sports leagues together with an exciting community.
Here are some of the updates you can expect to see in the next release: 
  • Ability to share a page using the pop up modal
  • The option to share any activity message manually
  • Ability to determine whether an activity message is shared manually or automatically
  • Currently all settings come over from Facebook; however if for example the name field changes it means that the fields become desynchronised   
  • Improved formatting when sharing content on Facebook 
With these advancements Nexus continues to be the most powerful social network integration application for the Telligent Community platform. You can read more information about Nexus here or follow us on twitter @4Roads for more product news and updates.