Enhance The Usability Of Your Telligent Community With Plugins

You may have gathered that we are BIG fans of the Telligent Community platform. We have been working with it since day dot and so unashamedly consider ourselves to know a thing or two.

Over the years while working on many Telligent Community projects, in a plethora of industries, we have learnt a lot. One thing, which we started to consistently notice early on, was that there were a few areas where customers would benefit from enhancements to the community platform. Not only this, if one customer required it, you could guarantee that others did too.

So, with this in mind, and with valuable co-operation and feedback from several customers from many organisations, our development team set about to develop a suite of free plugins, specifically for the Telligent Community platform.

Many of our customers have implemented our plugins as part of their social community build or upgrade projects – understandably so – all plugins greatly improve user experience and usability to both users of theTelligent Community, and of that of the organisation’s system administrators. 

We are always expanding our free Telligent Community plugin range, however, to date, we have created a total of 8 free plugins for Telligent Community.

At 4 Roads we are incredibly proud of the range of plugins created, no other Telligent Community partner can lay claim to such an accomplishment.

In brief, here are a few plugins available:

Advanced Emoticon Plugin

This plugin removes the need for inserting square brackets around content when inserting emoticons into forum posts. Are your community member’s frustrated by this currently convoluted process? Then choose this plugin and simplify it.

Last Read Forum Post Plugin

Picture the scene – you are browsing through the latest community posts and get called away from what you are doing. Maybe you receive a telephone call, and email, or maybe it is your turn for the coffee run.

Whatever the reason, you, like your community members will undoubtedly leave the conversation, and return to it at a later date. Currently within the Telligent Community platform, on return, users are defaulted back to the start of the thread, resulting in an arduous task of manually scrolling though past posts to get to where they last were. Last Read Forum Post puts an end to that and improves user experience.

User Encouragement Plugin

My personal favourite plugin, this one helps to re-engage users that haven’t visited your community site in a while. Using the Relevant content API it sends users an email inviting them to re-engage with the community. You can also see which users haven't logged on in a configurable period and delete them if required. 

Links Plugin

The Links Plugin automatically adds a target attribute to a link that is going off site. How often have you inserted a link into a forum post and it sends the user away from the community, within the same browsing window? A common failing is for users not to change the link to target a new browser window – there is simply nothing worse than your members being navigated away from your community site – detrimental to engagement rates. 

Microdata SEO Plugin

This plugin injects microdata information into any Telligent Community page. The result is increased search rankings and relevancy. A win for your community members, and for your organisation. 

Performance Plugin

The Performance Plugin allows a browser to render content much more effectively. With dynamic web content now the norm, huge amounts of page data and external files are stored on web pages today.  The Performance Plugin increases download speed and rendering by up to 30%. 

Redactor Plugin

If you have purchased a Redactor license as part of your Telligent Community, this plugin is a replacement for the standard TinyMCE WYSIWYG plugin that is provided. Very fast and compact, the WYSIWYG editor provides a cleaner user experience and works with Redactor to simply reduce the size of pages.

On the 1st September 2015, we are once again holding theTelligent Community UK usergroup at the Macmillan Cancer Support offices in London. Join us from 6PM and learn about what NEW plugins are available forTelligent communities, and how they could enhance user experience for your community. This is the last meet-up of the summer so a celebratory Pimms in the park is provided (weather dependant).