Daily Telegraph – Networking sites face data cost crisis

Firstly let me start by proclaiming a happy new year! Given the current business climate I think we are all going to find 2009 a tough one.  Of course the up side to a downturn in any industry is that "it separates the wheat from the chaff" and the strong, dynamic organizations that meet the expectations of their customers or membership will survive. 

This morning I have read an article in the Daily Telegraph that has a rather pessimistic outlook for social networking sites from analysis produced by Deloitte.  The article discusses the issues facing sites such as Facebook and Twitter, which currently do not have a revenue stream that covers the costs for data storage and bandwidth.  The article warns that a host of social networking sites will feel the pain as revenue streams from advertising and venture capital dry up. 

To me this article highlights the mission we have been on for the past 2 years.  We all know that social networking sites are the way forward for both business and public communities, however the opulent times of the last 5 years have masked the true cost of these sites.  Four Roads products and expertise provide valuable avenues to allow your social networking site to generate revenue through subscriptions, merchandise, products or any other custom sales channels.  Let your community become the wheat and contact us now to see how Community Server and Four Roads Commerce can help.