Commerce Update

As most of you are aware, Telligent discovered a security flaw in Community Server and released a patch for CS 2008.5, CS 2008, and CS 2007.  We've tested Commerce with the new patch so that you can apply the CS patch with confidence. We have point version upgrades for both Commerce 2.5 (for Community Server 2008.5) and 2.1 (for Community Server 2008) to provide compatibility with the patch and to make some improvements in Commerce functionality. As of today, these point releases are now available.  I am also excited to say that this point release now supports PayPal recurring subscriptions.

Features Added

PayPal Automated Recurring Subscription

A large number of our customers use Commerce to manage customer access to subscription content.  With this release, customers using PayPal as their payment provider will now be able to take advantage of the automated recurring billing features of PayPal.

Improvements Made

  • Subscription page now displays the correct renewal price, when Include Tax in Price option is enabled
  • Subscriptions with quantities now bill the correct price in
  • PayPal Express address details now convert the country to three letter code
  • Authorize and Capture mode no longer invalidates token and the user is now able to view the order success screen
  • Googlesitemap index for shop pages is now working
  • Eliminated context issues when using a ShopData control nested on a page outside the shop
  • Resolved a caching Issue with variant products
  • Subscription Terms and Conditions are now persisted and retrieved correctly
  • User Comments in product reviews now correctly link to the user profile page
  • Deleting a file in the file list of the shop control panel no longer causes an exception
  • In the Control Panel, the Order list now displays a user's account name for orders placed by registered users
  • Improved the layout of the order detail screen in the Control Panel
  • Subscription period now displayed as "every month" instead of "every 1 month" for monthly subscriptions
  • Multiple error messages are now displayed correctly when using a PayPal gateway
  • Global Item Settings and "Default Item Settings" were unclear in their meaning
  • Now able to de-select an item associated with a money off coupon