Commerce for CS 2008.5 Progress Update

Great news! The latest release of Commerce that is compatible with Community Server 2008.5 is in final testing and a release will be made available some time just before the inTelligent conference.

As pointed out by our well qualified associates Bill Bosaker and Dave Burke this release was a little more than a bunch of bugs fixes and a new WIKI application.  The core changes that I in CS 2008.5 have seen are:

  • To decouple the CSContext from the application type using a new application-defined context object. This allows for greater control over what context information is defined per application and removes the current CSContext from being a "Golden Hammer" class.
  • The caching of sections is now being performed using a much smarter type of logic, which looks remarkably like a technique I used on the resource links add on a few years back. 
  • The use of the IDataItemsContainer interface CSControlUtility has been changed and related objects are now exposed using a new interface IRelatedDataContainer. The big change here is that originally the object relations were defined on the Chameleon controls using IDataItemsContainer forcing you to include business logic in the UI layer.  Now the IRelatedDataContainer is on the business objects keeping the UI layer cleaner of any business logic.
  • The Control Panel looks the same but has been re-written to use Chameleon controls, I assume Telligent has had so many request by clients for a custom control panel that they deemed it a necessity. 
  • There is a general tendency to start using generics (Template classes, I'm still a hardcore C++ programmer at heart) in the code.  This has improved type safety and makes the code a lot cleaner. 

I'm sure there are many other subtle changes that I have not yet listed. However, the ones that I have come across are all very sensible and only improve what is already a great piece of software.