Commerce for Community Server 2008.5

Four Roads Commerce 2.5 is now available. This version of Commerce supports Community Server 2008.5. Please see below for information on upgrading from an older version of Commerce to this latest version.

Improvements in this version include:

  1. CS 2008.5 compatibility
  2. We've made categories more SEO-friendly. You may now specify a meta description and meta keywords for product categories. When an item page renders, Commerce will append the meta description and keywords for the item's categories to the page's meta description and keywords.
  3. If you've enabled the rating of items, you can now see the rating left by each person.

What Is Social Commerce?

Social Commerce incorporates communal aspects of the social media and online community world into the online shopping experience. It provides new ways for people to interact throughout the purchasing process; stimulating organic referrals, increasing spending habits and community membership.

Four Roads Commerce is the only enterprise-ready Social Commerce product specifically designed for the Community Server platform. Integrating seamlessly, it opens new revenue channels and capabilities that increase membership, return site visits and return on investment.

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Commerce for CS 2008.5

Community Server Upgrade Notes

When upgrading between versions of Community Server it is important to use the following procedure to ensure a smooth upgrade.  This applies to Community Server installations that have Commerce installed as well as any installations that have customizations.

  1. Backup the database and website
  2. Disable all customizations and extensions previously applied to Community Server. For Commerce this requires removing or renaming the communityserver_override.config file but could also involve other elements with custom installations. The communityserver_override.config file will be re-created during the Commerce upgrade.
  3. Follow Telligent's instructions on the upgrade process for Community Server.
  4. Upgrade your extensions. For Commerce, copy the deployment package to the installation directory. Then in a browser, navigate to the addons control panel page and click upgrade.