Commerce for Community Server 2008.5 SP1

We're happy to announce that Four Roads Commerce 2.5.1 is available for download. Four Roads Commerce is the first integrated social commerce add on for the Community Server platform. The primary goal of this release is to support Community Server 2008.5 SP1. It also includes new features and improvements. An updated Commerce for Community Server 2008 will follow in the next few days.

Features Added

AddThis Support for Shop Items

A key part of social commerce is giving your customers the power to bookmark and share their favorite items in your online store. is the leading bookmarking and sharing solution on the internet. It's easy to configure. Just fill in the AddThis settings in your stores' Shop Options tab. When a customer looks at an item for sale, they'll see the AddThis button. Once clicked, they have the ability to share the item with any and all the leading sharing sites such as Digg and Facebook.

Twitter Your Purchases

If your customers are addicted to Twitter, give them the ability to tweet their latest discovery in your store. When you activate this feature, a Twitter About link appears on each item page. When the user clicks it, a dialog appears.The dialog is pre-populated with a message and hyperlink to the product.

Improvements Made

  • The address management page is now easier to read and use.
  • Fixed an issue where the order completion email was duplicated.
  • The My Subscriptions page now shows the number of days remaining per subscription.
  • The column headers on the My Subscriptions page were slightly tweaked to make the grid more readable.
  • Authorize.NET: Fixed a problem that occured when buying a yearly subscription.
  • Free Payment Gateway: Fixed a problem where orders were declined.
  • Fixed an error that occurred when trying to view an item comment from the My Shops section of the Control Panel.
  • US mailing addresses are now displayed in the correct format.
  • When the shopping cart in the sidebar is empty, the Check Out link is no longer displayed.
  • If the products in the shipping cart do not require shipping then the shipping address is no longer required.
  • Extended attributes are now working correctly on items placed in the shopping cart.
  • The "Add" button for billing address now adds a new address instead of editing the old one.
  • The "Ship to Different" address checkbox now postbacks to the correct URL.
  • In the payment gateways configuration screen, the API credentials are now trimmed of leading and trailing whitespace.
  • Manufacturer addresses are now properly updated.
  • You can now select a parent category for a shop category.
  • Assets are now sorted alphabetically in the Select Asset dialog.
  • Improved layout of product boxes on shop home page.
  • Paging now works on shop tag browser.
  • Fixed problem with artificacts on resized asset images.
  • Assets with apostrophes in title and description no longer cause an error.
  • The News control on the shop home page now auto hides if no news is available. Note that when removing news content, you must delete *all* HTML within the news editor.
  • The dynamic shop stylesheet now loads.
  • New category properties are now visible by default.
  • Shipping priority is now working.
  • Coupon validation now displays error message for invalid and expired coupons.
  • Corrected the cache key for user's list of orders.
  • When a shop owner views an order in the Control Panel, she can now see the shipping method for the order.
  • Subscriptions that require a shipment will no longer auto complete.