Commerce 2.5.5 for Community Server 2008.5 SP1

We've released another update to Commerce for Community Server 2008.5. In this new release, our primary focus is the user's experience with the check out process. We've improved the usability of the check out pages and have reduced the number of steps required to complete a purchase. Once you see it, you'll agree it's a very strong improvement.

Download the new release

Features Added

Simplified Check Out Process

As just mentioned, the check out process has been streamlined and provides a better experience for your customers. Architecturally, payment gateways now share a common set of check out pages. PayPal Express Checkout is an exception to this rule as it's process requires an additional screen. What this means for you is that switching from one payment gateway to another will take much less work in the theming department, because you do the work only once.

Improvements Made

  • The layout for browsing items has been improved.
  • The theme pages for My Orders, My Addresses, and My Subscriptions are no longer shop-specific. They are now located in the Themes\Hawaii\Shops folder and will display information aggregated from all shops located on the site. Submenu items for those pages are now automatically added to Community Server navigation.
  • The OrderList and SubscriptionList chameleon controls now have QueryOverride support.
  • The address-related controls now work outside the context of a shop. This means that you can use them on CS pages that live outside the Themes\Shops folder.