Whats in a name?

A common question that is asked when we meet a prospective customer for the first time is “Why the name 4 Roads?” It’s a good question and you can often see the sense of disappointment when the person asking the question realises that there isn’t a cool story behind it.

Having said that, there is sound logic to the company name. 4 Roads was originally a partnership of four Community Server technical evangelists who focused on building online communities and products. Now some of you will know Community Server but others won’t. Community Server was the first product that Telligent sold back in 2004, bringing together blogs, wikis, forums, user profiles, etc. It’s fair to say that we’re the longest standing Telligent Community partner by some margin and the company really should be called 2 Roads now, as it is currently led by two remaining original founders; Gary McPherson and Rob Nash.

Having worked with the platform for so long, we often see ourselves as an extension of the technical team at Telligent Community. On several occasions, we’ve supported them with client projects when they’ve needed an extra pair of hands.  We frequently get called in by Telligent Community, to support a partner who wants to offer their client Telligent Community, but they themselves don’t necessarily have the capability to implement the platform.

We love to support other Telligent partners and have been involved in many exciting projects. The most recent was assisting a large digital agency with implementing Telligent CommunitySocial for a professional association with over 150,000 members. In this particular case, we are brought in as the Telligent Community experts – but we’re also comfortable working under the guise of the lead agency if that’s the preference.

There are too many Telligent Community projects to list but we’ve been involved in everything from start-ups to large national blue chip organisations. We’ve worked everywhere from Europe to the USA and a firm favourite for a couple of our developers was working onsite on a luxury cruise liner. Although the bulk of our projects have been external communities, we’ve also have experience of deploying Telligent Community internally so that it can be used as an enterprise social platform by employees who need to collaborate beyond traditional channels such as email and telephone.

A pivotal moment for 4 Roads was when Telligent Community strategically invested in their relationship with Sitecore. Anyone who knows Sitecore, will know that their Customer Engagement Platform rocks!  We may be biased, but we genuinely believe it’s unrivalled. In 2013, 4 Roads could see that may of the Sitecore customers who had produced sophisticated and engaging websites were now thinking about how to improve engagement with their users. Yes, social networks are one option and certainly have their place, but where organisations really needed these conversations to take place; was on their own domains.


Ultimately over time, we hope to see the rich ecosystem of capable Sitecore partners also becoming Telligent Community partners. For those Sitecore partners who would prefer not to get involved in deploying Telligent Community for their clients, 4 Roads will be on hand to support them with the implementation from start to finish. Other partners who want to become experts in the platform, but initially require support will be able to call on 4 Roads who can provide technical consultancy.

For any Sitecore customers who happen to be reading this blog, don’t worry, we still enjoy working directly with our customers. So if the next step on your digital roadmap is to look at rolling our social features on your website, get in touch to see how we can help.