4 Roads Joins Acclaimed Marketing Platform: The Drum Network

We are proud to announce that 4 Roads has joined The Drum Network, a global media platform and the biggest marketing website in Europe, as a Premium Member. 

Created and delivered by the team behind The Drum, The Drum Network is an innovative way for ambitious agencies to promote their services, build their brand, position their people as leaders in their field and get on the radar of brand marketers.   

The Drum Network is the UK’s most read marketing and website publication which attracts more than one million visitors per month. It seeks to help agencies raise their profile and promote their business strategies using published articles, case studies and industry related topics. The platform’s notoriety means we are able to not only illustrate our digital experiences with consumers, but also pass on the knowledge we have gained from a number of digital innovations.  

The network provides amazing benefits such as access to a team of experienced B2B writers, an increase in editorial coverage through The Drum’s online and offline platforms to raise our profile and find a voice in today’s crowded marketing sector.   

Membership also provides 4 Roads with entry into The Drum Awards and they even host events from industry leading speakers; this alone provides a whole host of opportunities from business networking to showcasing 4 Roads to potential clients.   

As specialists in the field of digital solutions and online communities, we understand the profound usefulness of a digital platform such as this and could not wait to become part of the acclaimed network. With many exciting past and present digital adventures under our name, we will be updating the industry regularly with case studies and news articles that reflects the height of marketing solutions.  

Watching The Drum space for our content will keep you up-to-date with how contemporary marketing solutions can be implemented with the latest technology. We share industry proven insights and knowledge of bespoke products that can help enhance your online presence, or even spark your own creative ideas to build upon digital networks.   

Even though we have only been members for a short while, we have already uploaded a vast amount of content to the network and are receiving tremendous feedback. We can’t wait to share some of our extremely exciting current work, which will be appearing on The Drum in the next few months.  

Until then, why not delve into some of our recent work and ideas? You can find our Drum Network page at https://www.thedrum.com/profile/4-roads-limited or similarly our company site https://www.4-roads.com/